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I've been to 50+ countries, and I love to explore, with the exception of N. America and Europe. I just got back from Uzbekistan and wrote a story about it, but have no idea how to upload it. I've never been a computer fancier and don't take one along, because a vacation is supposed to be just that; a vacation. If I have a computer I will try and do work, and the whole idea is defeated. Indeed, I spent 3 weeks in Central Asia with only one call home, and no eMails. After all, who can use an Uzbecki keyboard?

Asia » Uzbekistan » Fergana June 30th 2013

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000167 EndHTML:0000005999 StartFragment:0000000457 EndFragment:0000005983 The Turkish Airlines plane touches down at 1:20 AM, so I'm bone tired. The cabin attendants gave everyone an Uzbek declaration form to fill out which was in English. Should have asked for more of these, as duplicate forms are always required, and the blank ones to be found at the airport are all in Russian, or Uzbecki. They appear to have been translated from O’zbek to Russian, and then to English, as they are entirely less than clear, especially if you have been traveling for 36 hours. “boomaga ne pariatke” ie. your papers are not in order, says the first customs man in Russian. The visa my agent in New York obtained for me was fine, but the declaration forms had to be re-done, in duplicate and this time, in ... read more
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