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Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Miyajima April 18th 2006

Hiroshima is a great place - very funky and modern, but with lots of green space and parks. Good city transport as well. Spent time wandering and visited Hiroshima Castle (grounds only)and Sukkein Garden. It never ceases to amaze me that there are these beautiful and quiet oases right smack dab in the middle of large and busy cities here. We had a picnic under the cherry blossom trees in the Peace Park, too. The Peace Park is an amazing place - they have not created a mausoleum, they have created a vital and lively place full of life with kids laughing and playing everywhere you look. Quite amazing really. Every where you go in places like Hiroshima there are lots of school kids on class trips, all anxious to practice their english as well. Hiroshima ... read more
Peace Park
Children's Memorial
Adding our cranes

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima April 17th 2006

Hiroshima. The Peace Park and Museum. There are no words.... read more
Before the bomb
After the bomb

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima April 16th 2006

Arrived late into Hiroshima, and staying at another little ryokan. This one a little more of a ryokan hotel, since it is in the middle of the city - we are a short walk to the A-Dome and the Peace Park. The A Dome is the remains of the only building standing after the bomb was dropped. Went for a little orienting walk after showering, grabbed a beer and hit the sack for much needed sleep. That was the last of our long travel runs, thank goodness. We are here for 3 nights and that means that I need to get organized for some accommodation and plans once the trip ends in Kyoto on Friday. Think I will treat myself there for a bit. Today was SUNNY! and relatively WARM! Will update more in the next ... read more
The Castle today
Survivor tree

Asia » Japan » Gifu » Takayama April 12th 2006

Another long travel day involving a number of train changes to get to Gero, which is about a 45 minute train ride south of Takayama. We are staying here due to the festival in Takayama. We are in a very traditional ryokan - no heated toilet seat in fact, no toilet seat in sight:). After finally arriving we all hopped in the onsen and then dressed up in traditional Japanese yukata for a very traditional Japanese meal - did you not hear my knees creaking from there? The dinner was served at low tables while we sat on cushions, and consisted of lots of raw tuna and fish eggs, the local mountain veggies and some Hida beef cooked in miso right at your tray. I just may come back as a Hida cow in my ... read more
Fire escape

Asia » Japan » Mt Fuji April 12th 2006

Another local train ride to connect with the Shinkansen to Tokyo and on to Hakone eventually. Made our first train with literally seconds to spare due to a mix up with the taxi times - and yes there was more origami (grumble grumble:)). Hakone is a national park area where there are a number of villages - it is popular as an onsen/spa setting, and also as a viewing point for Mt Fuji. Very rainy and overcast while we were here,so no sign of Mt Fuji. This is not unusual - Fuji is referred to as being shy. Instead of hiking in the rain, we decided to visit some museums, and we made it as far as one:). We visited the Art Museum here, which is a bit of a misnomer since they have lots of ... read more
Getting ready....
Warrior princess..
Mini tea ceremony

Asia » Japan » Nikko April 10th 2006

We travelled to Nikko via Shinkansen (bullet train) and then transferred to a local train, arriving about 8pm when most of the town was closed. Our leader brought out the origami paper when we were on the local train and had us making paper cranes - which had the locals in stitches and soon the whole car was involved in the process. I'm afraid they despaired of us ever having the ability to grasp the finer points, but at the same time were quite taken with the attempt. Everyone from school children to seniors got involved. This is truly the upside to small group travel and using local transit. Our ryokan was perfect, the Toshogu shrine absolutely breathtaking, the local hikes outstanding, and the onsen - well, a great way to end the day. An onsen ... read more
Origami lesson
Toshogu Shrine
Incense burner

Asia » Japan » Tokyo April 9th 2006

It is bright and early here, and we are getting ready to head out for one last day in tokyo before heading on to Nikko tonight. I spent yesterday visiting a museum and Ueno Park. During cherry blossom time, the park becomes party central with 24-7 drinking and singing. They actually scout out the best spots and set up camp there - office bosses often send the junior gopher to stake out a spot overnight to ensure he has a good one:). Last night a couple of us headed out, one thing led to another, and we ended up in the bar on the 52nd floor of the Hyatt. The bar you see in the movie "Lost in Translation". Pretty magical - champagne and the lights of tokyo as far as the eye can see, and ... read more
Cherry blossom picnic
Ueno Park
Meiji Temple

Asia » Japan » Tokyo April 7th 2006

I explored a bit further afield today as my time in Tokyo winds down. Visited Asakusa to wander for a bit and visit the Sensoji Temple. A bit of old Edo right in the city - surrounded by a fair bit of kitsch but I think the temple still more than made up for that. Was totally lost in Asakusa for awhile - they are not big on signage apparently, including street signs - but it was a sunny day so what the heck. Lots to see, lost or not. Also stopped off at Ueno station to trade in my rail pass voucher for the actual pass so I can start using it this weekend. Anyway, tonight I am getting packed up and organized for the next part of the journey. Over the next two weeks ... read more
Temple behind Senso-ji
Temple gardens
Temple grounds

Asia » Japan » Tokyo April 6th 2006

Hi guys - I'm a bit challenged by this Japanese keyboard - it is a bit odd since keys aren't where you expect them to be. So you will need to be a bit tolerant of my typos and spelling mistakes. I woke up to an overcast day on Wed and decided to explore the higashi/ginza area of Tokyo (where I am staying) and head over to the Imperial Gardens as well. Higashi Ginza is a ritzier area (despite the fact that I am staying here:))- lots of the top name stores (prada etc) but lots of depatos as well (Japanese department stores) and lots of side streets with tons of character. By noon it was raining so hard that I decided to give the gardens a pass and instead brave the metro system. Now to ... read more
Bento box lunch
Fish Market

Asia » Japan » Tokyo April 4th 2006

Had a great dinner with K & R and enjoyed the visit (and meeting Gabe). An early night before heading to the airport early this AM for the flight to Tokyo. This is the budget portion of my trip for sure - with thanks to aeroplan for my fist class ticket on this 14 hour flight! The flight went well, but I don't know how any one would survive it in regular class! Fed non-stop throughout the flight, and landed in Tokyo to a clear day at 4PM - 3AM canada time. Cleared immigration and customs before opting for the limo bus into the city. A slight difference in price over the train/subway, but in my bleary-eyed state, with it being rush hour and all, I thought this would be best. Narita airport is a good ... read more
The Room
The Room 2

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