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23rd October 2010

cab scams
Not to mention that the actual fare for that route was less than 10 Dirhams!
6th September 2010

Good Luck
Sucheta, I hope this fundraiser works out well for you!! :o) Good Luck! -Leslie
29th June 2010

Good times!
There I am laughing y butt off at Leslie being paraded around! We had a great time!
2nd June 2010

Nice Job!
Nice job ladies!! :o) I'll get this to the news station here in Columbus to get it on their Calendar!! :o)
28th May 2010

I am so glad you tried this out and enjoyed the couscous.
From Blog: Moroccan Cooking
27th May 2010

CousCous is really good! When ya'll come to visit here, we'll make the Chicken Recipe. When we do one of our fundraisers you, Greg, Lorrie and Lil Greg will have to come too!
From Blog: Moroccan Cooking
27th May 2010

Good for You!
So you see you can cook after all. The recipe sounds good and I will try it. I have never had couscous, but there is always a first even for a Southern girl like me.
From Blog: Moroccan Cooking
26th May 2010

Such awesome stuff ...keeep it goin!!
Sucheta there r very few people on this planet who understand the way you do. I m so impressed and inspired with this reading and would like to get involved with the CCS Volunteering program. Do we have to in US to register. I know I have asked u this before but would love to do stuff like this so could u guide me through. Great going Sucheta and we need more people like u on this planet. It sadden to see the plight of the world and wher it is going with terrorism , war , corruption and other stuff whereas all we came to do on this planet is spread humanity and warmth. Keep such articles coming , love to hear more.
26th May 2010

That's pretty amazing what you had done. Very brave of you.

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