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20th March 2012

Big Swizz!
Yeah well I climbed Croagh Patrick in Westport there! Looks amazing guys kudos again. I think Ste should grow the beard again though!
20th October 2010

That video is sweet! and explains how myself and lorraine didnt stay long in puzzleworld, we were so feckin hungover when we got there that the disorientating puzzles made us all pukey! hate you guys.
11th October 2010

you guys look totally naked in that mineral spa... he he.. rude
30th May 2010

hello from mollymook
Hi Gemma and Steve, Glad you're having a wonderful time and that you finally got a job. You wouldn't want to be here now - has been raining cats and dogs with cyclonic wind - the ocean looks wild but exciting. You must appreciate the accommodation there but it must feel like you're in Williams again being so isolated. What a contrast to your travels - never boring looking forward to your next leg of the journey. Nice to hear from you. Love Jenny and John
From Blog: Sydney bound!
28th May 2010

Just remember now guys, the remote is for the need to use the phone if you want to call anybody!
8th March 2010

Reptile names
Hi Gemma and ste. Thanks for visiting my place in Alice (the Reptile Centre). I'm glad you liked it. Just a quick note on names. The lizard you are holding is Jaffa and he is a bearded dragon, he would love to be a thorny devil but he is just not (t)horny enough for that...and Frank Spencer (whom is named after the very famous Frank Spencer and has the same character traits) is a Spencer's Goanna. I hope you enjoyed Alice Springs and I hope you enjoy the rest of your time here in oz. Cheers, Rex.
4th March 2010

get a hair cut
get a hair cut..........................ya hippy!!!!!!!!
18th February 2010

Hairy Nakedness
I think i speak for eveyone when i say....more naked road sign photos please!
1st October 2009

haha... just pull the handlebars towards you all the way.
From Blog: Singapore
29th September 2009

how the hell do u stop those yokes???
From Blog: Singapore
18th September 2009

I cant tell the monkeys and ste apart?? they all have the same ginger hair?!?!
From Blog: Malaysia Borneo
11th September 2009

monorail, monorail, monoraaaaaaail...mono-doh!
11th September 2009

irish bar/ao nang
hey, think the irish bar was called the irish rover. deadly bar.... felt just like home which is strange in a hot countyr! :)
5th September 2009

ao nang
what was name of that irish bar? spent sum time der wit mark it sounds v familiar. . . much love 2ya both xxxx
2nd September 2009

Wow, your past two weeks sound very similar to the two weeks I spent in the beaches of Thailand last year.....oh wait, that was with you guys too!!! I'm sure the only thing missing this time around where two Americans. Glad you guys had a good time:)
20th August 2009

what exactly is the difference between 'china town' and 'vietnam town'?
11th August 2009

Vietname Travel
nice collection of photos I wish I can visit that place soon keep it up and show more Vietnam pictures
From Blog: Hue
3rd August 2009

Hey,so where exactly is Gemma in that picture with the machine gun?
18th July 2009

Ste has decided to grow a gay little nicely shaped beard. too nicely shaped if u ask me.
13th July 2009

6th July 2009

Ta Prohm, Angkor Ruins
Gemma and Ste, why are you standing in a pygmy wrestling ring?
29th June 2009

guys, it looks like you're havin a great time out there. i liked that last place. what with the river and buckets and swings and mud. wow. ha ha. also u can really tell the difference between ste's entries and gemma's entries. *no pun intended on the word 'entry'
From Blog: Luang Prabang
28th June 2009

Kop chi lie lie
I just remembered how to say thank you in Lao.....if you say it just right it sounds like a Simon and Garfunkle song. Anyhow, are you guys going to make it to 4000 Islands? You should try, it is wonderful down there!!
20th June 2009

Hey guys looks like fookin quality craic! and ste i lao is the bees knees, the kit kat, the cats pyjamas and so on and so forth!
18th June 2009

Can't believe it
U had 'a spot' to eat? How could u? Someone is missing their pet dog now.

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