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21st October 2019

total driving distance
Hi there, thanks for all the information. I was wondering what your total driving distance was- I am planning the drive from Whitehorse to Tuk and back this summer (plus some of Alaska) and was wondering about total km. Getting unlimited on my rental (doing a truck with camper on top) is expensive and was curious if there is a lot of driving outside of the main roads. We plan on camping along the way. Also- how were the bugs in August? Thanks!
21st October 2019

Mileage and bugs
Hi, Our total return mileage from southern BC was 8,600 KMs, but return mileage to Tuk from Whitehorse is only about 2,800 KMs. We had heard all of the bug horror stories so brought along bug nets to wear over our heads, upper bodies, arms, and lost of various mosquito repellents and even shirts with a repellent built-in. NONE of it was needed. There were only a couple of times on the whole trip that we noticed many mosquitos at a couple of campsites and barely used any repellent even then. But always better to be prepared just in case.
17th November 2018

What a great experience!
I read you story and I love it. It's so cool to have the chance to spend time traveling in RV and enjoy landscape in the trip. Pictures are very good and I can see you enjoyed everything. You are proud with your Jayco RV, I see it. Greeting from a RV enthusiastic in Chile.
15th September 2018
View on Top of the World Highway

Great photos!
From Blog: Top of the World
15th September 2018
View on Top of the World Highway

The weather presented both photography challenges and opportunities throughout the trip and I was happy to capture a few really nice shots.
From Blog: Top of the World
15th September 2018
Chris with a giant, prehistoric beaver at the Beringia Museum

Love this photo!
15th September 2018
Chris with a giant, prehistoric beaver at the Beringia Museum

When I saw the giant beaver I knew immediately that the shot needed Chris with her arm around it!
10th August 2018

Wonderful Blog And Enjoying Sharing the Journy With You
I'm an old friend of Chris and Joan's and have been out to visit and ski in Sun Peaks a couple of times. Not sure if we've met but wanted to say thanks for sharing the story as it's an experince I'd love to try. Say hi to Chris and Joan and good luck and enjoy the rest of the journy. Can't wait for the next update. Cheers, Peter
10th August 2018

Thanks and hi back from the Wilsons!
We are all in a bar right now in Eagle Plains on the Dempster hwy. Chris and Joan are playing pool and Joan is winning! They both say HI back to you. Glad you’re enjoying the blog!
22nd July 2018

Thanks for the info
We're gathering info for our 15 days in Iceland in early October; your info is quite helpful. Yes, quite amazing how small and expensive the lodgings are! We've got ours booked and may have a few days similar to yours. BTW, am considering Intervac since we've been home exchanging 6 times so far from 2 other sites.
22nd July 2018

Glad you like it!
Thanks for your comments! BTW, in case they aren’t obvious, there are a few more blogs there from Reykjavik before the Ring Road adventure, then 3 more on the Ring Road and another one for the Golden Circle. Intervac has been great for us for several years. But we are looking for an Australian exchange and seems to have a LOT more listings from there so we may also set up a membership there too. Each service seems to specialize more in certain locations. Intervac has been fantastic for all of Europe. Have fun in Iceland!
11th July 2018

The concert hall looks beautiful!! I’m not seeing a lot of people/crowds in your photos.... is this just how you captured the scene or have you not run into a lot of other tourists? I don’t think I’d be brave enough to try the horse and whale either. Have fun ❤️
11th July 2018

Hi Liz. Although there were a number of tourists everywhere, there are not as many as we expected so I usually found it fairly easy to wait a few minutes for a clear shot. Sometimes its nice to have people in the shot for perspective, but I usually prefer not.
11th July 2018

Hi R&C
Enjoying your photos and blog.
11th July 2018

Although I enjoy creating the blog, its mostly a venue for my photos so nice to know its being enjoyed.
2nd September 2017

Hi from Sun Peaks
Hi Roger and Chris.... just to let you know I am really enjoying your blog posts about your travels. I am checking out this "TravelBlog" site, and there is a lot of good information here. Dan and I are going to Spain at the end of September, and I'm finding a lot of good information here for us newbie travellers. Thanks... and stay safe.
2nd September 2017

Glad you're enjoying the blog!
We return to Sun Peaks at the end of September for only 2 weeks before leaving for Mexico so we will probably miss seeing you. Enjoy your own travels and we will look forward to seeing some photos.
3rd August 2017

Weather and wine?
What kind of weather and temperatures are you enjoying? How's the wine? :-)
4th August 2017

Good and gooder!
The weather has been mid 20's and mostly sunny. Best of all, NO smoke! Except for all of the people smoking, even in the restaurants. The wine is all good and mostly cheap. 90% of the wine available is Rosé, which we enjoy here. It's still often difficult to find good, cheap, Rosés in Canada. Right now we are drinking a Natura Syrah rosé and also a Château Daubiac Bordeaux 2014. Both very nice! :)
25th October 2015

Garron Point walk
Well done Roger and Christine for taking on this climb! We often do this walk, summer and winter, and you have captured it beautifully with your photos. Just one correction! We don't play soccer in North Antrim. We have a very strong GAA tradition, especially in Hurling!
From Blog: Garron Tower
29th July 2015

They say that experiences, last forever and expenses disappear over time. Welcome home. Admire your spontaneity. Having a great time with grandson, has made me do things that I thought were not interesting. (eg. ride in the monster truck with him)
26th June 2015

Yep, I have been told it rains, alot
The Irish boys I worked with said that the west coast was the scenic coast. Apparently a mist or rain is common. The dryness of Saskatchewan was a surprise to them.
25th June 2015

Welcome to the "Old Country" ! Glad you like Guiness! Aaah..the joys of travel and lugging bags around (when they are not misplaced!) Hope the weather improves for you , but of course that is why it is so green there. Enjoy!!
From Blog: Garron Point
5th January 2014

Happy New Year
Happy new Year to you and Chris. Hopefully we will see you sometime in 2014. Have a great trip home.
26th December 2013

Wish we were there
Hey Roger and Chris, the house looks very modern. Enjoy the hockey and say hello to Mim and Jim.
From Blog: Regina to Malmo

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