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26th June 2015

Yep, I have been told it rains, alot
The Irish boys I worked with said that the west coast was the scenic coast. Apparently a mist or rain is common. The dryness of Saskatchewan was a surprise to them.
25th June 2015

Welcome to the "Old Country" ! Glad you like Guiness! Aaah..the joys of travel and lugging bags around (when they are not misplaced!) Hope the weather improves for you , but of course that is why it is so green there. Enjoy!!
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5th January 2014

Happy New Year
Happy new Year to you and Chris. Hopefully we will see you sometime in 2014. Have a great trip home.
26th December 2013

Wish we were there
Hey Roger and Chris, the house looks very modern. Enjoy the hockey and say hello to Mim and Jim.
From Blog: Regina to Malmo
13th October 2013

Welcome back, Saw Fraser (RBC) who said that he had saw you. As I said previously, great commentary, great pictures, I particularily like your water reflections. Diane has purchased another camera for our next trip, which she says is not as bulky but can capture a penguin on the run (how fast of a shutter speed do you need?). Talk with you later, say hi to Chris. Milton
9th October 2013

Fantastic commentary and photographs. Thank you Roger Milton
8th October 2013

OMG-Thanks for the great trip journal/ blog and all the wonderful pix. Enjoyed it all vicariously as I recovered from my 580Km of road running the last 4months in prep to leave this week for the Chicago MARATHON, (then Toronto). Definitely should be Europe again in 2014....! Hopefully you won\'t be too bored in SASK and can recoup before leaving again.....!! A x
30th September 2013

Looks like fun
Sounds maybe a bit too "festive" for me, but great either way! I'll have to get a paris pass so I can see what that area is like.
15th September 2013
Chris' new French hairdo

Love your hairstyle. It really suits you.
13th September 2013

nice trip
Roger, Teri and I just missed you in Dublin. We were there from August 15 to 19. Rainy of course. Looks like your on a very nice trip. As you know Leslie and I loved to travel and now Teri is my best travel companion. Have the best trip ever. Mike McBroom
11th September 2013

Great blog. You know how much I enjoy history. Thank you for the background info. Blonde looks great. Diane home from visiting family in Ontario. Milton
13th September 2013

Thanks Milton!
Glad you're enjoying it. When you first commented on the great looking blonde we thought you meant the Parisian riding the bike. But, I guess you mean Chris?!?!? She says thanks anyway! LOL
2nd September 2013

My all time favourite, love, love.
2nd September 2013
Eiffel Tower at sunrise

Breathtaking Photograph
I am loving your blog and your photography Roger. Thank you so much Garth for sharing this with me. This Eiffel Tower at sunrise is beyond beautiful.
19th August 2013

flowers, banks and films
Hi, Roger and Chris! I really enjoyed this latest blog entry, and as I read, and saw the photos, I couldn't help but be reminded of a few movies. Since I've never been to England, I guess that is my only point of reference. :) The flower market reminded me of My Fair Lady, where Eliza Doolittle sold flowers to passersby. Seeing the photo of the Bank of England immediately brought to mind a scene from Mary Poppins, when George Banks sang to his children about putting their tuppence in the bank! Looks like a fabulous day of browsing markets and sight-seeing!
12th August 2013

Cultural experience!!
Delighted to see you enjoyed your time on the North Coast! I can't believe you ended up on a train drinking with Loyalist marchers - you certainly sampled some of the local culture!! Great photos of the beaches and culinary delights at the Beechill. Come back soon!
12th August 2013

Ongoing Travels
Glad you are enjoying some excitement in your daily travels. Loving the pictures too, and making me think it must be my turn again soon to hit the road!! As usual...! What is next?!
13th August 2013

Hi Adrienne, Great to hear from you! It would be great fun if you were here with us! We're living here for a couple of weeks although we have two nights in Bath next week to tour around and visit with a friend who I'm doing wedding photos for next year. Then two weeks from now it's off to Paris for 3 weeks! Can't wait!!
11th August 2013

I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks for taking everyone along... I can be an armchair traveller. The photos are fabulous and ohhh that Banoffee pie looks and sounds so delicious. Noticed you have already hit an author related spot.
From Blog: Day 4 - Belfast
4th August 2013

Enjoy 1 for me!!!
From Blog: Day 1 -Dublin
2nd August 2013

What a great start!
Well, it looks like you two are off to a great start with your retirement vacation! (I especially loved the "freedom 55" caption on your photo from the flight. . . . reminded me of something. :) Enjoy the next few months travelling and we will enjoy checking out your blog! All the best, Elaine and Martin
From Blog: Day 1 -Dublin
2nd August 2013

So wonderful to see you obviously already really enjoying yourselves. Happy trails to you!
From Blog: Day 1 -Dublin
2nd August 2013

Great holiday
Hi real good to hear from you. Have joined your club. Have a draft for me in the irish pub!! B+D.
From Blog: Day 1 -Dublin
3rd August 2013

I had two for you...
And an Irish Coffee for Doris! You guys would love it here!
From Blog: Day 1 -Dublin

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