FancyD takes off again


FancyD takes off again!

So, this is weird I know I met the driver/ guide at the Adrenalina office, but for the life of me i can't remember his name. I do however remember the taxi driver's name from yesterday...Willy Lopez. Anyway... I've chosen this tour because it includes a church I have wanted to see since I first started coming to Guatemala. I am joining a couple from Barcelona here in Guatemala for the first time. I didn't get their names. As I am the only non-Spanish speaker, we decide on Spanish for explanation and English for clarification.. She is a retired primary teacher, he a retired book publisher. As the day progressed I found out they have travelled extensively, been married 45 years this November and have at least 1 son who has his grandmother's antique Singer sewing ... read more

So I met Karen at 1030am and we decided to go for Spanish with any clarification in English. She assured me that all the food today was for a western stomach and met the company's criteria for cleanliness. We were off to meet Doña Anny who has been working on the same street corner for 20 years along with her husband Don Ricardo. The trunk of their car was open and they were doing a steady business to the locals on break. On offer today were tostadas(fried tortillas) paches de papas and tortillas. First up a tostada with guacamole and beans with cheese. Very tasty and Doña Anny found out I liked spicy. She didn't disappoint. Up next were paches de papas. A tamale looking mashed potato mixed with spices and tomato with a sorpresa in ... read more

As i checked in this morning i was greeted with "Good morning. Just to let you the flight has been overbooked." Visions of being dragged off the flight "a la United" flashed before me "We're looking for volunteers to go tomorrow" That elicited a firm "No" from me. When seated on the plane the two beside me said they were offered $400. I was offered nothing. The flight from Toronto to Panama left on time and no one was forcibly removed to make room for wayward passengers. Except for a few turbulent moments the flight was smooth, but I am thankful I decided to have a small bite to eat at the airport (with the prerequisite large price tag) as food service didn't happen until 1/2 way though the 5 hour flight. A tasty concoction of ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 2nd 2017

So... 2 more sleeps and I will be off to Guatemala via a Panama City layover. Now if you have read previous entries from my travels to Guatemala, you will remember me and layovers are not always the best, but they do make for good fodder in the blog posts. I am flying with Copa Airlines and avoiding a stopover in the US, this makes me happy for various reasons; travel bans, presidents and an "all around ill-will" feeling permeating from there right now. Yes, I know never to judge a country by its president, but... I have decided to pare down my suitcase size this year and go with a backpack and a carry-on size suitcase, as finding a "lavanderia" is fairly easy in Guate. I am travelling for a few days to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala's ... read more

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