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7th June 2013
Black Backed Jackal

Love this picture...really special
12th May 2013
Gros Islet

I love abandoned boat photos
This one is a beauty.
6th May 2013

Nice hike
If you want additional Caribbean hiking and waterfalls you might consider going to Dominica. It is called the Garden Isle and is amazing.
6th May 2013

We love listening to the frogs
Rum punch and making new friends. Sounds like an eclectic group you were in company with. Sounds like your trip is off on the right track.
6th May 2013

Vibrant colors
We are always happy when visiting a Caribbean island as the people are a vibrant as the colors. We have not been to St. Lucia yet so we are eager to read your impressions.
6th May 2013

Loved all your botanical photos - particularly of the nutmeg and cacao. Looks like a great trek - thanks for sharing!
2nd May 2013

Great to have you on the road again...
looking forward to your blogs about hiking around this exotic island.
17th April 2013

Zourva village
I've been to Zourva this January and I liked it very much.We had lunch at a local tavern there and every food was fantastic!!I don't think I've ever tasted more delicious meat. I would like to go again some time if given the chance. We stayed at a really nice villa which I found at http://www.villasforholidays.com.
13th March 2013

Hi John
Hi John, Brilliant to see our week in Hassness written up so beautifully. You even managed to get a photo of the back of my head (the closest I'll get to fame, I suppose!). I'm up to Hassness again in July this year, so who knows, may see you up there? Anyway, all the best, and many belated thanks for your leadership last year. Henry Willis
9th October 2012

Gorge walking
I was so disappointed not to do this walk when we were in Crete in July, just too hot! One day..
21st September 2012

Great pics, as usual. :)
Hopefully, I will one day get out of Athens when I am in Greece and see places such as you have described in this blog. I will be in Greece next month, but just for 7 hours. Last time, I was in Greece, I was too travel exhausted to venture out of Athens for the 2 weeks I was in Greece. :)
19th September 2012

Great walk!
How wonderful to walk through the mountains, encountering towns and ruins, being free and on your own. Fine adventure and great photos, too! Happy hiking!
19th September 2012
Gramvousa from the Agia Maria

Crete travels
I love the photos of the churches against the backdrop of the stunning blues. Happy travel, regards, Karen.
18th September 2012

As many places as I have been Greece continues to be one of our favorites
We loved Crete so this blog brought back wonderful memories. Thank you. Love hearing about James Brown.
27th August 2012

Superb blogs
Hi John, i just bumped in to your blog today. I was amazed by your photography. The snaps are too good. The locations are splendid. Your spot selection and the frame for the shot are damn good. All the very best and wishing you more and more of travel. Do visit my page when you find time. regards, Ramz.
20th August 2012

Great photos
Hope to be venturing to the Lake District soon, your photos are gorgeous. Hope the weather stays good to us.
11th August 2012

I would love to know what you have done to make these photos so picture perfect! I could stare at this one for hours - it is so relaxing and peaceful.
11th August 2012
Haystacks and High Crag in the early morning sun

Simply beautiful!
11th August 2012

Beautiful photographs! You are making me quite homesick for England at the moment!
19th July 2012

Great pictures...
the best of the week, although they were all good.
14th July 2012

Interesting indeed...
And the photos are sharp!
12th July 2012

I love this!! everyone has the right - yes : )
1st December 2011

You made me home sick ,ghanzi thats where i was born en breed. i do visit windhoek time en again when i am home.
23rd August 2011
Lion: Playing

This is so similar to my Masai mara experience.....I started on my morning ride at 5.30am....and kept watching a 29 member lion-pride (ages 3 month to may be grand parents too) till 11am.....hahaa!! truly cherised !

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