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19th February 2015

I've known you since the ripe old age of about 7??? And had no clue you were an American!
I love following your adventures! This post is great!
19th February 2015

I thought it was just me...
"Lizzie and I were confused at best, terrified at worst. We thought it was the Buddha story depicted, and then it all went sideways. We really liked the spiral staircase we found at one point, but really the whole inside experience made us want to drink." I feel that way more often than I should on some travels! Loving your Burmese adventures :)
18th February 2015
I climbed anyways, shhhh

Good advice?
I don't think ladies should be climbed either...unless they want to be climbed of course. :)
15th February 2015

One shoe..I know what it's like...
but in this case the suspect was my 2 year old grandson. I kept the left shoe in hopes that the right one would eventually be found somewhere in our house. The left shoe came in handy when I broke my right ankle. I wore a large block boot on my right foot and that lonely left shoe on my left. I still have it...hope springs eternal! Anyway, it doesn't sound like Burma has changed much since we were there for Christmas 1974. Have a great time.
17th February 2015

Hi bob, thanks of story, one shoe is such a baffling experience! Did give me an excuse to buy good new runners upon my arrival back in Almaty. Good thing too, about to train for a half marathon!
14th February 2015

Warmer Climates
So glad to see you have a break in a warm climate. Love to hear more about the amazing race cab ride. We love our time in Burma. There were two earthquakes in Mandalay while we were there. Hope the earth doesn't shake for you. Can't wait to see you wearing the velvety flip-flops in the winter in Kyrgyzstan. Sounds like fun. Those ducks/geese seem to have had better days. Enjoy the world as it is getting smaller each day.
14th February 2015
It's a pig face! Just the face!

Heavenly streating!
Asian food with all their veggies, avos and asparagus--for any sane person who loves to graze on these, I must say you're a trooper to volunteer in Kyrgyz. Too bad about your shoe, but it's probably too hot to wear them anyway; hope you don't freeze upon your return in your velvets. I once left my ancient Ugg boots outside a retreat center, returned to find them gone, but a newer pair in their place. Score! I'm rather shocked at the prices--$9 for a temple and $12 for a dorm bed--not the cheap Asia I'd imagined. Oh well, keep eating and reporting on the fab street food.
17th February 2015
It's a pig face! Just the face!

The velvets served me very well!! Spent the entire trip in them, solid two dollar expenditure! Miss the food, and the ability to wear flip flops, already!
4th January 2015

Happy New Year Emily
It seems sad that people cannot express their religious beliefs but they have found a great way around it. There is always a work around for any problem. I love your description of the combination of holidays and how they have merged into one. What an amazing life experience. I know it is tough to be away from friends and family at this time of year but you are doing such good work. Continue to embrace this wonderful opportunity. Loved your story about Chong Ata. See forcing yourself to stay up late (well after a nap) provides rewards, champagne! Keep blogging and enjoying life.
3rd January 2015

Happy New Year!
I loved reading about your Kyrgyz New Year celebrations...horse sausage and all! Wishing you a safe, adventurous and happy 2015 x
2nd January 2015
Lenin’s New Years Tree

Happy New Year!
What a festive, fun celebration! How great that the Kyrgys combine all the best of holidays into one big blowout. I love it that Merry Jo and Dave sent you a care box--so amazing. I love it that Akmaral loved her bubbles, and that you have that sweet feeling toward her and all your family there. However, that horse sausage was the nastiest thing I've ever seen--you are a trooper for eating it. Best wishes for a grand new year with you soon speaking Kyrg and/or Russian like a native.
7th December 2014

Such great stories
Thank you for taking the time to tell us the stories of this fascinating culture and super powers. I promise I will behave because I don't want the eje's coming after me or giving me the look!
1st December 2014

Great blog...
as it gives insight on their culture from personal experience.
30th November 2014
Oh so Eje

I'm old--I want Eje power!
This is so cool! In our western, youth-oriented society, old people, especially women, are so marginalized. I think I must move to Kyrgyzstan when I'm really old and want to wear leopard prints. Then again, I don't have the temperature regulating (a slight breeze will kill you) thing down. Well, good to know where to go with lost/harassment issues, and so glad to know of a place where old women rule.
18th November 2014

Peace Corps
Joining the peace corp is one of those things I wish I had done. I know I could still do it but think my time and interest has passed. Certainly enjoy reading about it.
17th November 2014

Dirty Dancing
Do you feel like Baby from Dirty Dancing? She wanted to join the Peace Corps. Love ya, miss ya!
17th November 2014

I didn't know you were going to Burma also, after you make plans we should сүйлөш.
16th November 2014

PCV rock!
As an ESL prof back home, many of my colleagues had been in the PC, and there was a big, close and wonderful community of them. Wherever you go, you'll have instant friends from your big community. Sounds as if you're also having lots of fun and getting away for excellent jaunts around the country, and don't worry about the National Anthem--even the few who know the words are pretty hard pressed to sing the tune.
16th November 2014

For what it's worth....
I'm a US citizen, I've lived in the US all my life, and I still don't know all the words to the National Anthem. Once you get past "Oh, say can you see..." it all gets kinda fuzzy, and don't even ask about the second and third verses.
12th November 2014

No big deal. REALLY?!!!!!
Love reading your blogs Em! They make me feel like I'm right there with you! Except I'm nice and warm, my cars in the driveway waiting,to take me where I want to go and there's turkeys in every supermarket I enter.lol. If you get a chance send me your address, your birthdays coming up and it is a big deal!!!! Miss you!!!!
12th November 2014

Happy Early Birthday!
Happy Early Birthday Emily!! I hope you have an awesome "Canadian" dance party to celebrate! Do you think Ron Weaseley would like to come live in Canada? Can you smuggle him in? I want him, he's adorable - mouse eating and all.
12th November 2014

WOW! How did you end up there????
Hi Emily, You're a long way from Newlands squash court where we last met I think! I only saw this blog and have no idea what happened before so would be happy to be enlightened if it's not too much trouble. I'm sure your parents are worried about you.....would love to hear more. Keep warm Laura Ramsay
12th November 2014

Peace Corps!
Hi Laura, Great to hear from you. I’m in the Peace Corps, and they decided to send me to Kyrgyzstan! I know, random! I’m here for 27 months total, I’m about 7 months in at this point, going pretty well! As for Sue and Kev, they’re coming to visit next year, they have been tasked with bringing good pinot grigio. Cheers, Emily
12th November 2014

The story of marshutkas
Loved every description and word picture. I felt like I was smashed in their with you looking through the floor boards. Years ago when I was much younger I worked in Antarctica and care packages meant a great deal. I'd love to send you one so please send me your address.

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