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Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi November 8th 2009

To explain the rather contrived title I’ll skip to the end. This morning (1/11/09 - which will be discussed in the next blog) when I arrived into Leh the first thing i noticed was that the sky was blue. Also, the sun was bright. Why would this surprise me, I hear you ask? Well, good question. The answer is that it’s because I’d spent the previous ten days or so in Delhi. Unless there was some weird seasonal effect going on, I can confidently report that Delhi doesn’t have much in the way of sky or sun, as they’re hiding behind the smog. It’s not like in Bangkok where you can’t see the pollution but you can smell it and taste it, or Beijing where you can only see the pollution if you find yourself a ... read more
Delhi 2010

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir » Ladakh » Leh November 8th 2009

Probably because I’d come from Manali which is about 2000 metres above sea level, and come over the higher passes, the altitude in Leh didn’t affect me too much. Leh is at 3500 metres. I still found that I’d get a bit out of breath, and times when I’d suddenly feel a bit like I hadn’t been breathing enough. Other people also reported weird dreams, which I also had to some degree. It was also very cold. I bought another jumper and a thick woollen jacket, which of course became a massive burden to carry around after I left Leh. I spent about ten days there, doing a few tours to surrounding areas and hanging around the town. The weather would be freezing cold at night and quite warm in the day, meaning that if you ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Manali October 27th 2009

As well as, obviously, the time to write this blog and prune out the photos, I just spent about two-and-a-half hours trying to upload the photos and save the text, but every time Travelblog ate half of the comments and put the photos out of order. Then it ate my whole blog. So the photos are all out of order, you can probably work out where they should go, it should be Delhi - Road to Manali - Manali (and Vashist) - Manali-Leh "Highway" - Leh. About 1/3 of the photos are missing too. I can't spend any mroe time on it - if anyone knows a better blog site which doesn't steal one's copyright, please let me know. I had less than two days - one night - in Delhi I stayed in Paharganj which ... read more
Road to Manali
Road to Manali

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu October 24th 2009

This blog is late because I had a problem with my camera and couldn’t get the photos off it until now. There should be another one or two soon. It relates to the days 29/09/2009 - 4/10/2009. As you might notice, most of it was written about three weeks ago. As well as all the jungles and temples, waterfalls and mountains, beaches and rivers, elephants, lions and tigers, that you see on the tourist brochures, the typical image of India should be men peeing against walls. This probably explains why the cities smell like the area in a 20 metre radius around a Chinese toilet. As you might have guessed I came to this conclusion last week I stayed at the same semi-luxurious hotel in Chennai again, which I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. This ... read more
Chennai - Marina beach
Chennai - Marina Beach
Chennai - Fort St George

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Madurai October 7th 2009

So we arrived at Maduraim, a city of about 1.2 million people, with much more of a “big city” feel than Trichy, and more popular on the tourist trail (inasmuch as anything in Tamil Nadu is on the tourist trail). This city is famous for its massive temple, the Sri Meenakshi temple. By now you might have guessed that Tamil Nadu is famous for its impressive stone temples, sometimes in the middle of nowhere, with distinctive architecture and lively, intricate, artwork. While you don’t see that many “holy men” which you see in the photos advertising Northern India (I wonder how many are mainly trying to cash in on the tourist dollar and/or the money from the English-speaking corporate types who might feel disconnected from that side of India), every little neighbourhood seems to have a ... read more
(for last week's blog)
(for last week's blog)
(for last week's blog)

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruchirappalli October 4th 2009

This blog covers the time approximately Sep 11 - 15. So in the last blog I left off in the train from Mumbai to Chennai. I think I mentioned most of it already, but one thing I forgot to mention is some of the beggars. I don’t know if it was because I travelled sleeper class - the cheapest class where you still get somewhere to lie down - because on the other train rides later I never saw this. Anyway, at every stop there’d be lots of beggars coming through. There was the normal sort you’d expect - old people, children, midgets, people with missing limbs, blind people, etc. The less serious their physical ailments, the more miserable they try to look. It’s part of the game. No-one wants to give money to a beggar ... read more
Trichy - random people
Trichy - random people

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai September 11th 2009

I’ve decided to give up on the missing weeks in my blog. I might write up about them later, but without the Guidebooks any more, or Internet access, it’s even hard for me to remember exactly where I went in an orderly way. Anyway, rather than constantly trying to catch up, I’ve decided to post this current one, and maybe later go back over the four weeks that are missing. I arrived in Mumbai airport around midnight Tuesday morning. By the time I got through customs and baggage collection and all it was about 01:00. I hadn’t read up about where to stay, so I approached the hotel reservation office inside the airport, which is obviously a bad idea. This was inside the restricted area so I thought it’d be reputable enough. They found me a ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » Dahab September 11th 2009

The ferry from Aqaba to Nuweiba (in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula) is supposed to take an hour. On top of this you need to allow considerable time to work out where to actually go. You have to get a taxi out to the ferry terminal, then go into a run-down building that from the outside looks pretty deserted to buy your ticket, then go downstairs, to a room that’s again from the outside looks completely deserted, to pay your departure tax, then go upstairs again with that receipt to get your passport stamped, in the counter just next to the one where you bought your ticket. After this you have to go back down again, to get out of the building, walk across a sort of large loading zone and wait for a bus to take you ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra August 19th 2009

Since I’m still way behind with my blogs I thought I’d pump out another one. This one will be short, because I didn’t do much of anything interesting, but I thought my habit of sticking to a blog entry for approximately each week was working out pretty well (except for the previous two entries obviously). So this relates to the period July 20-26. After the archaeology survey I had planned to head up to Jerash, a well-restored massive Roman city, where retired Jordanian soldiers re-enact chariot races in the amphitheatre, or even up to Umm Qais, another Roman site where on a mountain where you can look out over Syria, the Golan Heights, and Israel. In the end I didn’t do any of this. After Turkey and Amman I’d kind of seen enough Roman ruins for ... read more
Petra - Siq
Petra - Siq
Petra - ?

Middle East » Jordan » South August 7th 2009

weeks 2, 3, 4 I guess you’ve noticed I’ve gotten a bit behind in my blog. It’s now nearly three weeks since the archaeology survey finished. I’d written parts of it as it was happening, but some of it I’ve written a few days ago. I wasn’t sure what to write, so I’ll just put up what I have now. I don’t have many photos from the actual survey because it wasn’t practical to carry my Digital SLR with me most of the time. Check the captions of the photos, most are probably from weekends or the hike, not that representative of the rest of the time. At the moment I'm a bit ill in a stinking hot room in Luxor, Egypt, so I may not have proof-read it as well as I might have. ... read more
Wadi Rum (being a tourist)
Wadi Rum (being a tourist)
Wadi Araba, Bir Madhkur (survey area) - camels

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