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11th April 2013

please visit exact india
Who told you to visit the places you visited?? Commercialised gtravel - agents/ books?? Study !!!! Then see real india!!!!!! And Enjoy it!!!! And remember it!!! Best wishes!!!!!
From Blog: The Pink City
21st December 2012

I\'m in Varanasi now and really appreciated your story about the burning ghat.
19th December 2012

You got all that I had in my mind, homesick :(
Reading your blog made me feel like homesick, thought that you came to explore the Islands but I still sitting on my desk and looking around *wanna fly over to*. I really like your blog, I was looking for some pictures to post on facebook for friend of mine (we will trip to flores next year) and got caught of your blog. The weather was completely hot compare to any other places in Indonesia, where I do love to spent time near by the beaches as you stories told me Flores people just played in the water but not good for swimming *I agreed*. Still lots of things and culture in Larantuka or I could say East Flores you need to know like whale, weaving, some small party, easter season in Larantuka and many more. Oh no, I bet everybody wanted to explore Flores Islands including me for next year 2013. I\'m the islands lady, flores - larantuka. Thanks for the nice story ...
31st October 2012

Diwali Festival in Jaipur
Hi, Nice blog. Jaipur shopping festival organizes at Jaipur from 16th oct to 13th nov. I think it’s very interesting information for your blog visitors. During JSF, bazaar owners offer deep discounts on their merchandise, daily mega raffles are drawn, fashion shows and cultural performances dazzle Jaipur’s social life. Tourists from all around the world are lured not only for Jaipur’s diversified shopping spree, but also for all of the events or activities that take place during the festival. Visit our website http://jaipurshoppingfestival.com/ Join us on facebook http://www.facebook.com/JaipurShopFest Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/JaipurShopFest
From Blog: The Pink City
22nd October 2012

Jaipur Shooping Festival
Jaipur- the most vibrant city of Rajasthan has a lot to offer to its visitors besides its rich heritage, culture, and tradition. Dating back to its cultural roots, colours and taste for fashion, Jewellery and crafts, Jaipur this year is initiating a Royal Shopping Festival to delight all those who love shopping. The Jaipur Shopping Festival (JSF), an annual shopping spree, is aimed to revitalize the bazaar culture of India showcasing the finest handlooms, handicrafts, Jewellery, food, clothes, accessories, and much, much more and that too of specifically Rajasthani touch. As the auspicious occasion of Diwali kick off with the onset of Navratras, a caravan of top-notch shops in all major market of Jaipur brings in products from every corner of India to participate in the Jaipur Shopping Festival. During JSF, bazaar owners offer deep discounts on their merchandise, daily mega raffles are drawn, fashion shows and cultural performances dazzle Jaipur’s social life. Tourists from all around the world are lured not only for Jaipur’s diversified shopping spree, but also for all of the events or activities that take place during the festival. Inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan on 16th Oct, the Jaipur Shopping Festival promises a lot of fun, frolic, entertainment, decked up bazaars and exclusive shopping to fascinate and delight all kinds of shoppers. The festival will end on 13th Nov. For more information Visit our website : http://www.jaipurshoppingfestival.com/ Join us on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/JaipurShopFest Follow us on twitter : http://twitter.com/jaipurshopfest
From Blog: The Pink City
9th December 2011

Travel from Hanoi to Yangshuo
Plan to travel from Hanoi to Yangshuo in April 2012. Please advise what's the best way to get there. What's the cost like and how long is the journey ?
30th January 2012

Travel from Hanoi to Yangshuo
Ivy, I took the direct train from Hanoi to Nanning. It was very new at the time, and almost empty, so I don't know if it's still running. But according to seat61, it is. See http://www.seat61.com/Vietnam.htm#Nanning-Hanoi%20by%20train for more detail. From Nanning there are regular trains to Guilin, which is near Yangshuo (has regular minibuses or you could even take a taxi). I think there's even direct buses from Nanning to Yangshuo. Hope this helps. Daniel
30th June 2011
SECMOL from afar

missing the SECMOL too much
30th June 2011

Missing U too much Achoy Norgay...........
30th June 2011
dancing (bi-monthly meeting)

missing the Big Hall and Night Activity also
30th June 2011
dancing (bi-monthly meeting)

missing the big hall too much......... and night activity also...........
30th June 2011

missing u acho angyal & SECMOL too
8th April 2011

amazing artwork
The info is great and very much useful. Is it a good business? You create an amazing artwork. Thank you
16th March 2011
Chennai - museum - bronze

good culture
it is very great
31st January 2011

Thanks for the preview of what we will experience on our 12 day Ghan trip in April 2011.
14th January 2011

great stories
Nice stories about Flores...it felt like I am in it..travelling around flores through your stories..love to read them, nice photos.... greetings Christine
30th August 2010
Jaipur - Nahargarh fort

good city
to good city . jaipur is very icredebale
From Blog: The Pink City
14th June 2010

hai this was painted by me
30th May 2010

very nice.!
i like this places...!
30th May 2010

very nice.!
i like this places...!
8th May 2010
Chennai - Marina Beach

hi this picture is very sweeeeeeeeeeet and graceful of the chennai.
16th March 2010

Hello,,,,,how are you ,,i wanna know you,,,,my self Inayatullah rite now doing engineering here at DElhi,,,you did a great job,,,are u still carry this till now or what?plz reply me
9th March 2010

Thanks Shruti, I probably should have spent more time in the South. I don't exactly remember what I wrote in this blog, it was a while ago, but once I got up to Ladakh I remember that I enjoyed myself there. The scenery in the North is great, but Manali is full of Indian tourists so it's good to get up further. What you say about white men is true anywhere in Asia. Of course there is some truth to the fact that we might in absolute terms have more money than many people on the street, but what annoys me is the way that they're driving tourists away, therefore making things worse for themselves and their country in the long run. But one has to get used to that. Thanks for your comment anyway!
3rd March 2010

Hating to agree
I read your blog just before going to Manali and was a little dissapointed that you had so many unpleasant things to say about your trip [people centric experiences]. I have recently visited and returned and have come back to comment because I felt exactly the same way in North India. The constant pushyness and the not-so-clever ways to conning people were pitiful. The natural beauty actually takes a back seat as the people there make your holiday such an unpleasant episode. Although after a certain horrible mistake we realised that we would do exactly the opposite of what we were suggested and ended up having a great time. I just wanted to come and say that please don't think that all of India is like this. The southern part of the county is very different. Here people are not very street smart but are very warm and generous. No one imposes their products and services on you and they are not friendly only with the expectation of monetory compensation. {of course I'm grossly generalising - there are exceptions everywhere} Also unfortunately India still remains an inately racist country - therefore a White man will be hounded by everyone as for some reason we all seem to think rich white man has dollars spilling from his pockets. I'm very glad that you stuck to your guns and didn't really allow people to take you for a ride..but do visit India again [the southern part primarily] and notice the vast difference in the culture and attitudes. Shruti - I'm also from the north originally but have moved to the South and love it here. Thus the suggestion.
27th January 2010

Love your blog Daniel. So hilarious. LOL literally.

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