Mike Fujimori


Mike Fujimori

I have traveled extensively around the World, still trying to empty my bucket list, while I am still able. I have traveled in every Continent, except Africa. I enjoy cruising, because it is the most convenient way to travel and cover large areas. Most of my travel has been on small to mid-size ships and mostly on all inclusive ships.

Europe October 4th 2011

Well, you guessed it, we are off once again on a cruise! As you well aware, when my wife begins to look at World map, I know I am going to have to leave my comfortable life at home, especially my kids (Madi and Nikki). It always takes time for me to get my anchored rear end off the ground to get in the traveling mode, but Liz does not seem to have that problem? When we first started traveling, I felt very insecure, because of my health issues, I always felt I was naked without my wonderful doctors and hospitals at home. To that valid concern, Liz's response was " What is the worst thing, you die ", what an insensitive thing to say? But it is true, so we've been working on emptying our ... read more

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