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16th May 2022

Start of a trip excitement can't be beaten. You are making me consider this trip as a real option in shoulder season.
16th May 2022
Morning blue skies

I enjoyed your most recent blog so much that I had to read the others too. This view is just magic! On the other hand, I'm far less excited about the dried fish jerky that smells like ammonia :)
From Blog: The East fjords
16th May 2022
Birthday bath

Happy 44th Birthday!
What a beautiful way to celebrate your birthday. The landscape looks amazing - thanks for sharing it with us! Cheers, Ren
22nd May 2022
Birthday bath

Thank you!
I appreciate the birthday wishes and all the comments! Hope it gave you a little inspiration to visit one day, definitely during the shoulder season so you can enjoy it crowd free. Sounds like you guys like to travel like us, we hope to make it down to your part of the planet one day soon!
5th May 2022
Mom and I at the Blue Lagoon

Oh no!
I was so worried about that too. There are so many hot springs on my itinerary and I worry about getting my hair wet in them. What did you have to do to fix it?
5th May 2022
Mom and I at the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon
Isn’t it amazing. Unfortunately it made my hair go crunchy and it was a big job to get it back to normal. Small price to pay for such an amazing experience
27th October 2020

Gotta be a must to make lists of the many wild animals that can be seen on safari or game drives. Your 45 must be a record...but hang about kudu and rhino? Want to add to your impressive list???
From Blog: Safari Days
27th October 2020

Next time
I was beyond thrilled with what we saw, but no alas no Rhino and I don’t believe Kudu either. Gotta save some to bring us back to see next time! Any recommendations?
From Blog: Safari Days
20th October 2020

What an adventure!
So glad you summited - it sounds like it was so hard, which I'm sure makes the accomplishment feel that much better. And then wildfires on top of all of that. Definitely a story you'll tell for ages.
From Blog: Summit day
23rd October 2020

Thanks so much for reading, glad you enjoyed it!
From Blog: Summit day
20th October 2020

Hip, Hip, Hooray!!
At my age, living vicariously thru you two crazy adventuresome kids is tonic for the mind, salve for the soul and ever so easy on the joints!! What an accomplishment, so happy for you both!!! s 😊
From Blog: Summit day
17th October 2020
Here we go

I like traveling.
10th October 2019

Guinness and Backyard Pubs!
Thanks for your informative blog on Northern Ireland. Makes me want to visit. I've only been there, Belfast, for 12 paranoid hours in 1997. Interesting to hear the differences between Belfast and London/Derry. I love the tributes you are paying to your mom.
From Blog: Northern Ireland
30th September 2019

I just finished reading your blogs from your 2018 trip to Scotland...
and will be following your trip with Dennis this month. I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your mother, but happy that she was able to experience Scotland (and Ireland) last year. I've just added a couple of castles you mention to my wife and my itinerary for next Sep when we plan to spend two weeks visiting where our ancestors came from. Like your mom, I have recently become very interested in researching both our trees. I visited Devon in May and blogged about that. I have pretty much nailed down Linda's tree going back to the 1200's. Her family name is Hair who came from Ayrshire. In 1700 her 7 times great grandfather married a Corsbie whose mother was Janet Douglas, the great granddaughter of Sir Robert Douglas, Master of Morton. Primogenitor being what it was meant by then she was very much a commoner. She was descended from the Red Douglas's whose ancestral home was Lochleven Castle, where Sir William Douglas was Mary Queen of Scots jailer. Once you hit aristocracy then the number of other ancestors is populated very quickly. Other castles tied to ancestors are Dundonald, Glamis and Dunnotter. So we plan to fly into Edinburgh, rent a car and visit several towns in Ayrshire before making a big circle of northern Scotland. We will end up on Edinburgh for a few days to visit a cousin. So I will be hoping to learn a lot from your blogs!
From Blog: The Isle of Skye
2nd October 2019

Thanks so much for reading and glad it can provide you with some helpful information. Enjoy your trip next year, I just love Scotland and it’s history and look forward to coming back again in a few years to do more exploring and take more time to do some hill walking.
From Blog: The Isle of Skye
29th September 2019

Thank you for this! I am actually traveling to Scotland with my mom next month. Your entry has reminded me what a gift this is and to cherish every moment. Also, I am now determined to track down a Scottish egg while I'm there.
29th September 2019

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful time with your Mom, let me know if you have any questions.
26th September 2019

Sharon would have loved this!
I am so glad you went back to Scotland. Your mom thought that was the best trip she ever took and just gushed to me about what a wonderful travel companion you were. I am not so sure about the haggis thing though. Maybe it tastes better than it looks. But not a single mention of men in kilts, so you don't share all of your mom's traits! Talk to you soon.
29th September 2019

Thanks for reading Bob! Oh I do share Mom’s predilection for kilts but I’ve been toning it down around Dennis this time around :) I’ll call you when I get home to catch up.
19th November 2018

Cool blog
I enjoyed reading your posts on Baja!! Amazing wildlife sightings. Your entusiasm oso beautiful. Im also a phantom whale spotter!
From Blog: La Paz
8th June 2018

Great Travel Blog
Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed hearing about your trip and seeing the photos. I can't believe how much resemblance there is between you and your mom. I guess I never paid attention to it before. It sounds like you both had a great time! I definitely want to hear more about our Orkney Islands kinfolk from your mom. That was news to me!
From Blog: Iceland
6th June 2018

Kilmsinham Gaol
If you're still in Dublin check out the prison which is now a museum run by the Office of Public Works. Learned so much about Irish history during this tour.
From Blog: Dublin
12th June 2018

We’ll definitely have to check that out next time, too bad I didn’t see this until after we left. I also need to go back to Belfast and do the tour at that Gaol as well.
From Blog: Dublin
29th May 2018

Brings Back Memories
Scotland is so beautiful. Thanks for posting pictures and blogs about the history of the country. Christi and I visited many of the sites you and your Mum visited when we were there 2 years ago. I loved Edinburgh and like you wish we had more time to explore the city.
27th May 2018

Looks amazing!
So happy to finally get the link from Jeremy, I read everything and very happy to see and hear you are having the trip of a lifetime! I love you both!

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