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19th November 2018

Cool blog
I enjoyed reading your posts on Baja!! Amazing wildlife sightings. Your entusiasm oso beautiful. Im also a phantom whale spotter!
From Blog: La Paz
8th June 2018

Great Travel Blog
Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed hearing about your trip and seeing the photos. I can't believe how much resemblance there is between you and your mom. I guess I never paid attention to it before. It sounds like you both had a great time! I definitely want to hear more about our Orkney Islands kinfolk from your mom. That was news to me!
From Blog: Iceland
6th June 2018

Kilmsinham Gaol
If you're still in Dublin check out the prison which is now a museum run by the Office of Public Works. Learned so much about Irish history during this tour.
From Blog: Dublin
12th June 2018

We’ll definitely have to check that out next time, too bad I didn’t see this until after we left. I also need to go back to Belfast and do the tour at that Gaol as well.
From Blog: Dublin
29th May 2018

Brings Back Memories
Scotland is so beautiful. Thanks for posting pictures and blogs about the history of the country. Christi and I visited many of the sites you and your Mum visited when we were there 2 years ago. I loved Edinburgh and like you wish we had more time to explore the city.
27th May 2018

Looks amazing!
So happy to finally get the link from Jeremy, I read everything and very happy to see and hear you are having the trip of a lifetime! I love you both!
25th May 2018

What a wonderful first day!! I do not think I could drive over there either and would be on the side of the road crying with your mom! Please continue to post your adventures!!
2nd November 2017

I truly love this style of keeping family informed. Jessica and Dennis, you both certainly do your homework. Great photos and cute revelations ( ie Dennis being interviewed). I wonder if “National Geographic” would be interested in your talents? You both are living life to the fullest. Thanks for sharing!
24th October 2017

Alison alerted me to your blog yesterday (I'm a volunteer in Records). Loved reading about your adventures & reliving some of my own experiences! Last Christmas my 20-yr-old granddaughter & I spent her winter break on Bali, including several days in Ubud taking cultural classes. For the month of March a friend & I (both avid snorkelers, not divers) were within shouting distance of your dive sites...Cape Kri, Chicken Reef, etc. Can totally relate to your eloquent description of the Raja Ampat area. So many times we just couldn't believe our eyes! We're going back in January for a month. Hope to share notes with you one day.
28th October 2017

Please grab me when you see me, would love to hear about your travels!
22nd October 2017

So enjoyable!
Thanks for sharing your trip
From Blog: Papua to Bali
22nd October 2017

Dogs in lombogan Bali
This is funny, I found your blog because I just got back from Bali, we were in Ubud and then Sanur and crossed to Lombogan Nusa, I was telling my husband all about our trip (my daughter Ana and I Ana mom took the trip just because the 400 some usd fare) first all about the offerings and how hard it was not to step on them and then about this cute chihuahua like dog on the beach in lombogan Island with their eyebrows painted and the dot in the middle and googled it to see if there was a reason for it and there comes your blog with a picture of the same dog an all the things I was talking about. You made my day. By the way I have a house in KINO BAY SONORA I do not know if you are familiar with this area we gave some residents from Tucson there. Be free to contact me you will be welcome to come an visit MY CASA ES SU CASA. I will keep up with your blog. Jet lagged Greetings from Edmond, Ok
From Blog: Papua to Bali
22nd October 2017

Oh how funny that is, glad to see that little dog is famous, he is definitely living the good life there! Hope you had a great trip, we sadly only have 8 days left but are loving everywhere we go. Great place for a mother/daughter trip, I’ll try to talk my Mom into coming for food, yoga and spa treatments every day. I have never been to that town in Mexico but we’ve driven to Puerto Penasco and San Carlos and just love the Sea of Cortez and always want to go back. Our retirement dream is spending winters on the Baja. What a generous offer, would love to check it out and meet up sometime. I’ll send you an email so we have each others contact info. I’d offer you a house swap in AZ but I have 6 rescue dogs that come with the package at our place :)
From Blog: Papua to Bali
21st October 2017

Great writing!
I really enjoy reading about your adventures and look forward to reading your next entry! You have quite a gift for writing. Thank you for sharing your experiences.
6th August 2016

Thanks for such a detailed trip report; culd you please recommend the Tour Operators you used for you day trips out of Santa Cruz and San Cristobal?
7th August 2016

Sorry I don't remember who we used, they were just operators that we found just wandering the streets and were advertised out front of their shops (which are plentiful!)
2nd January 2016

I enjoyed reading your trip report. great shots Thanks for sharing Raymond
From Blog: Wadi Rum
21st December 2015

Capturing the essence
Beautiful photos.
From Blog: Petra
21st December 2015

Wadi Rum is a must see
We've been on camels and you are right they are not comfortable. Awesome, sleeping under the stars.
From Blog: Wadi Rum
21st December 2015

You never know where your photo may end up but more than likely harmless. Glad to hear everyone is so friendly. Sounds like you've having a great time.
21st December 2015
Twilight over the Red Sea

Stunning sunset.
From Blog: The Red Sea
21st December 2015

Planning a trip
We are currently planning a trip to Egypt and are enjoying your blogs. Thanks for sharing.
From Blog: Luxor
6th December 2015

I have too travelled this part of Egypt and was mesmerized by the carvings. I remember the armed convoy. I'm enjoying your experience with the people! Something you don't quite get with a tour group. Imagine this New Zealand student traveling on her own! Egypt is an incredible country with a fascinating history! You two go to the most wonderful countries!
From Blog: Aswan-Abu Simbel
5th December 2015

I haven't been to Cairo since 12/94, but your tasty blog brought all those cherished memories flooding back--thanks!! Have fun, stay safe, and keep the pix coming!
5th December 2015

I love your adventuresome spirit! And look forward to reading more about your observations and experiences!

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