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5th December 2015

Safe and sound
Once again a beautiful, informative blog. You really should be a travel writer! I'm anxiously awaiting your next entry. Have fun and keep the armchair travelers amongst us posted!
4th December 2015

Great writing?
Sayed Leyla- once again, your post blew me away. Your travels and words are an inspiration!
14th February 2015

a thrilling experience
I had gone on a boat called the Polaris out to San Diego to Scammons lagoon world famous for its friendly whales. I too felt and experienced the thrill of seeing these creatures allow themselves to be petted and touched by us trusting us as it approached our little idling boat. It too bought tears to my eyes as well
14th February 2015

Puerto San Carlos
I enjoyed reading about your whale tour, especially the baby sliding off the mom's back! I too have a great fascination & admiration with whales. The lunch (did those pics every look good!) looked amazing & SO fresh. (I wish more people could see how much is involved with bringing food to one's table). Your entire day sounded wonderful and was a nice glimpse of the wonderful charms of Mexico and its friendly people.
10th February 2015

Trip to Bartolome Island
Hi! Your trip sounds amazing! My boyfriend and I are travelling to the Galapagos late March this year and we are really interested in visiting Bartolome Island - mainly for the chance to see penguins! Do you happen to remember the name of the company you got the trip with and how much it cost? Thanks a mill!! Jen
10th February 2015

Sorry no I don't remember what company we used, but we just booked from a local office that we happened to be walking by on the street. It seems that you get the best deals but just waiting until you are there and just shopping around the local shops. Have a great trip!
1st March 2014

Nice one guys
I really liked your quote at the end. Hey, if the world is a book, this last trip of yours was a best-seller! BTW, I added Dezertrats to my blogroll on Northern Virginia Outside.
21st February 2014

What gorgeous beaches and incredibly warm water!! The ladyboys are beautiful - ugh!!!! Have fun, stay safe, can\'t wait til you\'re in the good ole USA! Love, Mombie
15th February 2014

Thanks for the great post
Jess and Dennis - Me and Natasha miss you guys! Your blog posts are great and wonderfully written- Salvatore loves the adventures and can't wait to be on some himself. Keep up the great writing! The Cameratos
From Blog: Siem Reap
6th February 2014

We love your beautifully written blogs. It makes our armchair traveling awesome. What incredible scenery, the water is so green and luminous. Have fun, be safe, and write when you can. Love, Jeremy and Mombie
8th March 2013

I read your entire blog since we are planning a trip with our 11 y.o. son down to Peru & Bolivia in July for 3 months!! Reading about the Galapagos makes me realize that there's no going down to that area of the world without visiting the Galapagos and your blog made me realize that we can do it fairly cheaply by just flying in and winging it from there!! Thanks so much for the info and very nice writing! us in Flagstaff
13th February 2013

Great Blog! Looking for info
Hi, Thanks for sharing your blog it is great, well written. We are coming to Galapagos next week and plan to travel the same was as you. I was just wondering about accommodations. You said your hostel there was loud, did you move? Any suggestions for our trip would be fantastic. We just set up a blob on this site ourselves and are new to blogging. Do the photos get organized on the entry by themselves, or do you arrange them. I tried a test entry today, but the one photo I put up ended up at the bottom of the page under a large add. Any suggestions would be fantastic, if you don't have time due to your trip that is great as well. I will continue to read your posts for information. Thanks again for the blog. Glen and Rosalyn gandrinsouthamerica on travelblog
22nd February 2013

Hi, sorry I just got your message. Hope you are having a wonderful time in the Galapagos! To answer your question we never did change hotels from the noisy Northia, but would recommend a room away from the street. There are several accomodations on the island and it seemed like most had rooms available upon arrival, except for a few small and popular ones. The photos can be arranged manually by just clicking and dragging once they are uploaded.
9th February 2013

You found the quarry! More pictures of that please! The day we set out to find it the fog was terrible and we got lost instead.
11th June 2012

India Tours
Like your blog it's looking really nice and decent the information shared about China travel is really good... India Tours Thanks
1st May 2012

Volunteering at the The Love Company Orphanage Ow!
My experience at The Love Company orphanage in Pokhara I really enjoyed volunteering at this orphanage. I stayed here for two months. My duty as a volunteer was to play with children, walk them to school, help them with their English, hug them and be there for them in the first place. The children were always very happy and motivated to learn new things. They enjoyed playing games both out and inside. They are really happy when some volunteers are around, they really enjoyed their presence. There were fourteen children at the orphanage while I was there. At the beginning of my stay, the children went to school so we walked them to the school and helped them with their homework when needed. Then we had free time so we could meet other volunteers, go to a café or visit some nice places. In your free time you also can go trekking (depends on season), paragliding, sightseeing and many more. After a few weeks, the holiday started, so children spent most of the time at the children home. That was the great opportunity to interact with the children more. I really liked spending the time with the children, it was a fantastic and a life-changing experience. I would recommend this programme to anyone. It was a great experience and I enjoyed every second of it. It is also very rewarding since you can see you really have made a difference and helped the children a lot. They give everything back twice and you can see how happy and satisfied they are, even when you just hug them or laugh with them. Also, spending two months in Nepal was a perfect opportunity to get to know other culture and a foreign country. Especially Pokhara, where the orphanage is located, is a very beautiful place which most tourists visit and it is near the mountains and lakes. There are many beautiful villages nearby, too. To sum up, the time I spent at the Love Company was great, I absolutely enjoyed it and would come back any time. The children were really happy and I also loved the area where the orphanage is situated. I would very much recommend it to anybody who is thinking of going, it is really worth it and you help the children so much. If you have any questions about volunteering at this orphanage, feel free to contact me, I will answer all your questions –
From Blog: Pokhara, Nepal
19th April 2012

wow! wow!
Jessica, Finally, was able to open and read your personal travel blog, updated right to today. - The stories, scenery, people, customs, pictures are breath taking. -Thank you so much for sharing. At times I envy, other times maybe not.- Have to say you do not look any worse for the miles, trials and wear and tear. But, that's you. Scott p.s. stay safe
16th April 2012

Everything you wrote about your bus ride in Nepal brought back the horror of our bus rides there and in India--making me incredibly thankful we don\'t experience such crowding on our transportation here in the US.
15th April 2012

I'm enjoying your blogs
I hope you will continue.
10th April 2012

The first time a see that dog,i smiled,i think that the atmosphere there is so warm,i hope i can also have a Tibet Tour!
From Blog: Lhasa, Tibet
9th April 2012

Thank you
Thank you for your sharing your Sichuan Tourstour,beautiful pictures, I love panda too.
From Blog: Chengdu, China
9th April 2012

Lhasa day 3
What an amazing visit! You guys rock! 35 gifts and 35 children. How perfect is that?
From Blog: Lhasa Day 3
5th April 2012

Bucket filling fast
We read your first 2 entries and are delighted to be armchair traveling with you. What a memorable trek this is! Anxiously awaiting the next blog. Love you xxxooo
3rd April 2012

Love that I will be a part of your incredible experience Jessica & Dennis. Thank you for allowing me to "tag along".

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