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29th March 2010

I love Cambodia because this country is full of peace and a lot of temple.
2nd January 2010

Great to see you back blogging! We never got the time to go to Paraguay, (more like we didn't make the time) but it sure sounds interesting. Darren
10th November 2009

What are the chances of me seeing those colourful birds like the ones in your photos, on my way down the coast from Sao Paulo to Uruguay in the next couple of weeks? I am fascinated by them, but maybe they are not common?
31st October 2009

Front Page
Good to see you on the front page!
30th October 2009

Congratulations on your first Front Page blog. Great photos! :)
23rd September 2009

Bariloche is really beautiful. We only scratched the surface when we there. If we'd had another day, we would definitely have done the boat trip to Puerto Blest - that's also in national parkland and is supposed to be stunning. Unfortunately, we couldn't do any trekking as it was winter when we were there. But in summertime, there's lots of trekking and other outdoor activities around the area. And the scenery is just magic!
22nd September 2009

Bariloche sounds absolutely georgous. I am putting it on my list, for when I finally make it to Argentina. And of course the chocolate shops are another reason to get myself to Bariloche. :)
14th September 2009

Just read your blog. God how I miss South America. Have fun in BA!
15th August 2009

Oh my god Guys - those photos are amazing - it must have taken your breath away - looks like you're havin' a ball - well, keep on trekkin'!!!
15th August 2009

.....and what happened next?....
7th June 2009

Well hello girlies!!!
Hey maisies! Glad to see your having a great time. Ciaran and chloe are well impressed with your photos! My mam and dad said to tell you that they are asking for you. Chloe said she misses you and can't wait to see you in January. She is learning a new dance at the mo from Hanana Montana the movie! Its great, yea right!!! If you have time check out youtube and look for the Hannah Montanna hoe down show down or something like that and then you'll understand what i have to listen to!!!!!!!!! Ciaran was delighted to see the oystercathcher and the fur seal. He said to say thank you so much for his card he loved the kangaroos!!! Life is the same aul with me no news at all!!! Still working away and looking forward to some sun when it decides to come back.The weather was lovely last week but as per usual it only lasted a couple of days and the rain and cold is back now! So where are you off to now?? Im sooooo jealous!!
1st May 2009

Hey there girlies!!
hey maisys!! It looks like you are having a great time! Thanks very much for the postcard which arrived today. Ciaran couldn't belive when he opened his card he was delighted!!! Thanks so much for thinking of him!!!!! Chloe chloe is still waffling!! At the moment she is up trying on all me mas clothes and shoes and poor Ciara has to be the designer, I'd say he's real bored!!! Thank god it's a bank holiday weekend no work till Tues wahoo!!! Well barney mobliers keep enjoying yourselves and no hanky panky at Kissing point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P Love yas xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
20th April 2009

Check out the barney mobile!
Hello Girlies!! You seem to be having a great time! Im so jealous I have to say! Ciaran loves the Kangaroos!!! My auntie was saying when she went to Sydney they had to search for kangaroos in the bush and then when she came home she heard that there were kangroos going mad jumping through sittingroom windows looking for food in the drought!!! I see you are enjoying your wine too!! Glad to see your having a good time you deserve it!!! Chloe is down with your ma and da wrecking their heads to go on the laptop to see if you sent an email!!!! Anyway must head home now to get ciaran to bed and get ready for work zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Njoy yourselves try mail back if you can and i be in touch soon Love ya xxxxxxxxxxxx
7th April 2009

Getting to know the locals
Hey Dee and Lorna, glad to see you've had a chance to meet the locals - the roos - up close and personal :) Hope the weather keeps too as you head further up coast - enjoy! See you at end of April, Dee x
4th April 2009

Wow - Looks like you girls are certainly getting around :-) Looks like fun fun fun - l am going to sydney in june with dee, her brother and his boyfriend have invited us over and bought us flights and also tickets to see pink, so cant wait for a week away, we will stay with them..l need a break so so bad...Love getting your adventure pictures! Safe travels xxx
26th February 2009

Sooo jealous
Hi girls, wow ye have amazing photos, loving reading all about your travels..keep enjoying Anne
22nd February 2009

The blog was super, and the pictures fantastic! I felt I was there with you! Much love, Mum

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