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31st January 2016
Humayun's tomb

very interesting read, and i experienced india with all my senses, definetley a place i would like to visit and experience in person....continue to enjoy..xxxxoooo
18th September 2015

Hi there, lovely reading about your experiences- just wondering if women are allowed to train here and live here or is it forbidden??
6th November 2015

Women were welcome too.
30th July 2015

is it safe
Hey do you think a 16 years old can do it? And is it safe to go there?
12th August 2015

Yeah it's totally safe and men and women can stay there. If I remember correctly it was only a few dollars a day to stay. Once you get to Dali you will be able to find a lot more info about the monastery through the locals.
26th July 2015

Can women stay here?
Hi does anyone know if women are allowed to stay here also, or is it just for men? Thanks
11th April 2015

Hi Danny thanks for sharing this :) im trying to find some info about the Wu Wei Si Monastery But i found very little, can you tell me how much have to pay to live and trian there please? im looking to go for about 3 months, and also is it possible to find internet out side the monastery? may be at a near by village? im a married man so would be good to contact home some time. Thanks a lot for you time looking fowerd to hear from you. e-mail: nicolaimicallef@hotmail.com
6th January 2015
Mona Monkey

Mona Monkey
The mona monkey is an Old World monkey that lives throughout western Africa. The mona monkey can also be found on the island of Grenada as it was transported to the island aboard slave ships headed to the New World during the 18th century. The mona monkey is lively and is one of the most widely exhibited members of the guenon group of African monkeys. Related species such as Campbellā€™s monkey (C. campbelli) and the crested guenon (C. pogonias) are sometimes loosely referred to as monas. All belong to the Old World monkey family, Cercopithecidae.
10th November 2014

ive heard a litle about this monastery but only through travellers blog posts, is this a place one could go to live train and study with the monks for extended periods of time, like 1-3 years, how inviting would they be of something like thaty??
18th February 2015

I met another traveler there who had stayed for about 6 months. Pretty sure you'd be able to stay for an indefinite period of time as long as you respect all the rules of the monastery.
26th June 2014
Snaefellsness Peninsula

Great pic. Evokes the imagination...what secrets are within? One of many fabulous pics in this blog. Time to share more gems with the Dancing One...pressing Follow without further delay.
15th October 2013
Up Close

That's an amazing photo!
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25th March 2013

Almost Studied There (Cost?)
I was in Dali in 2009 and almost studied at the temple. Do you remember the cost?
6th March 2012

I went to a resteraunt named SAPA, and it was delicous.
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13th June 2011

manila nighlife
He really enjoys staying here in Manila. Nice picture. From blog manila accommodation
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30th March 2011

Are we there yet?
Where are you going next?
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1st March 2011

These are all the rough shots, used them for the blog on the fly. The cropped stuff will eventually be up when I get a chance to do em.
24th February 2011
Beyond The Lake

It's Blue
Lots of water. I would have cropped it but that's just me.
15th January 2011

Hey! Sound s interestig. I'm looking to do Muay Thai training on Ko Pha Ngan. Where did you train?? Do you know anything about the Muay the muay thai camps on the island?
21st December 2010

Do you have to make a reservation to get in or you just walk in??
27th September 2010

And hopefully that quest comes sooner than later!
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21st September 2010

All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players. - William Shakespeare Your Epilogue was very interesting to read, but I am sure that it was even more interesting to live. Welcome home...until your next quest calls upon you.
From Blog: Epilogue
20th September 2010

it has been absolutley amazing to read your well written blogs...................and It has been an inspirational trip for me too as i have traveled vicariously through you...........welcome home and thanks for sharing
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17th September 2010

From Blog: Epilogue
16th September 2010

Fabulous blog Danny. Loved reading it. Welcome home. Acher
From Blog: Epilogue

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