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13th July 2017

I just love your style! Love your enthusiasm, writing, attitude! Very nice to read about your experience!
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24th March 2017
True Base Camp

An amazing place
An adventure of a lifetime, Everest Base Camp Trek is especially designed for those who hunger for a thrilling quest in the Himalayas. This trek provides you the prospect of embracing the base of the world’s highest mountain – Mt. Everest (8,848m). It is one of the grandest and consummate opportunities to trek in the Himalayas first ascended by Sir Adman Hillary and Tenzing norge sherpa from Nepal in 1953 may 29th .
13th March 2017

We are not huge fans of Belize as a whole, although we have visited several times. However, we loved our trip to Lamanai. The ride through the jungle was great and the ruins themselves were excellent. Having to go by boat from Orange Walk made them memorable. Glad you made it back to the ship!
12th March 2017

Brilliant photo Danny
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5th January 2017

Amazing Sri Lankan Beaches.
Hi! Visiting to Beaches is always on top of my list , For this time my travel list is ready,with sri Lankan beaches at the top. Hope to have a great time in Island's Golden beaches. And Thank you so much for the information and suggestion.
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17th December 2016

please help
I am a 20 year old young man looking to join a temple, unfortunately my founds are a little ... limited. is there anyway i could join a temple indefinitely, for free an/or scrub floors and dishes to pay for my stay?
17th December 2016

I'm not sure I can answer that question. I suppose it's entirely possible, and in fact you'll find that almost anything is if you're dedicated enough, but it might be better to work and save up for a bit and then set out on your journey, especially if you're coming from a far away region. It's never a bad idea either to have some reserve funds while on the road in case an emergency situation arises.
28th July 2016

I absolutely love this shot. Ir's a cracker Danny.
28th July 2016

I've enjoyed Following your travels...
from India to Iceland. Thanks for sharing.
27th July 2016

Very awesome trip
Wow . Its a Beautiful Road trip and also a very nice post http://safartourandtravel.com/same-day-agra-tour.html
26th July 2016

what a well written blog....and the fact that i was there to witness the beauty in person, made reading this blog even more epic.....thank you for sharing...many more happy trave;ls
28th May 2016
Cliffs of Moher

Wow! What a spectacular place. Ireland is definitely on my list.
From Blog: Into Ireland
19th May 2016

Fabulous that you missed your bus and instead got to climb Ben Nevis. I'd hoped to bag that Monroe, but waited in Fort Williams for a week, waiting for the weather to clear--it never did. Love these trails with cairns! Hope your ankle improves!
19th May 2016

i love the waterfall...fort william is amazing
12th May 2016
West Highland Way

Wow, Scotland is stunning. Thanks for the entertaining blog!
9th May 2016

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9th May 2016

Impressive portraits!
I'm amazed that women allowed you to take their photos and even posed for you! I'm generally too shy to take these, so I especially appreciate those who can. Too bad we Americans have to take tours there, but glad yours was a good one.
From Blog: Final Stretch
5th May 2016

Is that you wearing a massar like a local? If so you definitely look like a local!
From Blog: Omani Road Trip
5th May 2016
Nasir Ol Molk Mosque

Extraordinary photos!
Great images and perspectives! How wonderful to have guides explain the context of what you're seeing and a group you get along with. I had no idea you couldn't use a debit card in Iran--very good to know!
From Blog: Ancient Relics
27th April 2016

Some beautiful photos - thanks for sharing!
From Blog: Enter the Gulf
26th April 2016

Museum of Islamic Art
How fabulous that you got to visit this rather new museum with its wonderful angles, designed by one of my favorite architects, the Chinese-American I. M. Pei. I love this photo looking through the courtyard arches and into the city. The souq and some of those skyscrapers are also striking. What an incredible city rising out of the desert!
From Blog: Enter the Gulf
26th April 2016

Great blog and photos
You've captured some great photos of Doha. I've been living here for 7 years and not got as many good ones! Great blog - and well done for seeing a bit of this often overlooked little peninsular.
From Blog: Enter the Gulf
13th April 2016

Read your article and was curious to know what style of kung fu do they teach. Thank you.
5th April 2016

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1st April 2016

Great to see that you enjoyed the festival! I love Holi. Seems like you also had a great climb to EBC
From Blog: Colours of Holi

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