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26th May 2009

Pompeii overrated?
Did you really think so? I have been three times on the guided tours there and it still amazes me. The petrified body of the pregnant woman tug on the heart strings every time..
From Blog: Italy
4th May 2009

This pictures are really nice. I love the little stuffed animal, and the frog fountain. I am looking for cute garden wall fountain and would love a smaller version of this frog one.
From Blog: Miami, Florida
24th January 2009

The name of the beer is "Cerveza Gallo" which means "Rooster Beer"... "cerveza de gallo" means "Rooster's Beer" or "Beer made of roosters".. This beer is very famous along all central america and it is well known as one of the most alcoholic beers around the world.
4th June 2007

I have a big smile on my face just reading your beautiful and creative mind. It was a pleasure bringing Cy with us... but it was more a pleasure bringing him back safe in one piece! Carla
17th January 2007

Love that tiny red birdy of urs.......
3rd January 2007

Club Med Cancun Yucatan
I just returned from Club Med Cancun Yucatan and you can read my comments by this link -

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