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Africa » Tanzania » Centre August 17th 2005

Africa » Zambia May 3rd 2005

Zambia has some amazing national parks with an abundance of wildlife. We taught at a local school for a day and we saw the mighty Victoria falls on the Zambia/Zimbabwe border.. This text is not yet complete..... read more
South Luangwa National Park
South Luangwa National Park
South Luangwa National Park

Africa » Swaziland January 31st 2005

Yet another one of Africa's gems. A wild land with amazingly colourful people. More text will follow..... read more
Towering over the kids.
Zebra grazing

Africa » Lesotho January 19th 2005

Hello and welcome to more of the African archives. Lesotho is a wonderful land of mountains and rivers. It is also a fabulous place to hike. Here is a wee snippet of a hike in Lesotho.... read more
The gorge
The river.

Africa » Uganda » Central Region November 18th 2004

Africa » Mozambique November 3rd 2004

Here are a few pictures from Mozambique, There's just a couple as most of them are on film and not yet been converted to CD... I will try to add more pics an some text at a later date..... read more
Antelope in the grass

Africa » Malawi November 1st 2004

Africa » Zimbabwe October 15th 2004

Hey guys. Just thought we'd share some of our earlier (pre-blog) travel pictures. This is where we (Theresa and Dave) met, way back in October of 2004. Zimbabwe, despite the ongoing political problems and financial situation, is a counrty that remains close to our hearts. We love the people and the landscapes of what we think, is one of Africa's gems! ... read more
Two Happy Kids.
Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town November 1st 2003

Hi there. Welcome to the African Archives... At the southern tip of Africa lies a mighty and vibrant city! I spent a couple of months living and working in Cape Town. During that time I explored the city quite intimately and got to see a lot of interesting stuff. Dave.... read more
Lions Head.
Happy kids
Lions Head.

Africa » Botswana October 20th 2003

Here are a few more of our pre-blogging travel adventures. Botswana is another one of Africa's gems. There is so much wildlife here and a great climate for travelling in. The people are wonderful and it's a very hospitable country and is a lot more developed than one might think. D... read more
Kids being silly in Maun.

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