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4th July 2012

Nice blog...
and a good test run, although Europe will be completely different. Also add's really easy to load from a digital camera and pictures are, as they say, worth a thousand words, and certainly personalizes a blog. P.S. I just answered your question about how to get from Athens to Italy on the Forum. If you have other questions, Travelblog is the place to ask them.
7th June 2012

The first of many overseas journeys!
Congratulations on completing your first overseas excursion! Hopefully your flight to and from Europe will be a lot more peaceful than you trip to Bali. Great that you tried as many different foods as possible (wisely avoiding water, ice cubes and washed lettuces) - eating different cuisines when travelling is one of the great pleasures in life!
6th June 2012

I\'m only 14 and I wish I could be doing exactly what you are. I envy you sooooooooo much! Enjoy it....YOLO!
6th June 2012

haha mollie thankyou I am very lucky, you're chance will come one day soon and do not hesitate! There are so many reasons to travel and nothing is stopping you!
5th June 2012

Hey, glad to see you will be living your passion this summer. If you need any recommendation or help with anything, ask me. You will love Europe. It is a wonderful place and there is loads to see.
6th June 2012

Thankyou! I honestly can't think of a better way to spend money or a better time to go and see the world. It's been really interesting reading all these blogs, and I'm sure I will have a lot of questions once my trip comes closer so I'll probably be in contact! :)

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