Hi everyone!

Im a 19 year old aussie girl about to backpack around Europe for three months alone. I've never been to Europe before and have only been overseas once before, so yes I'm a newbie to the travel world 😊 I want to know any tips you can give me for my adventure! I've studied tourism before and one day I hope to live overseas. I'm craving to learn another language! Lately all I want to do is live in the country side of Italy, ride horses, eat lots of food and pick grapes 😊

Asia » Indonesia » Bali June 5th 2012

Bali - Crazy, smelly, beautiful Bali. After studying tourism and gaining all the qualifictions but no travel experience, where else is a young girl with a modest savings account meant to begin her traveling adventure? So there I was, 19 and jetting off on my first overseas trip with one other friend for two weeks. First things first - two weeks is definitely enough time to see what Bali has to offer, in my opinion. This is if you plan your trip properly. At the end of this entry I'll include some recommendations but first here's my story. The trip I imagined I was about to experience consisted on elephant rides, surfing, eating authentic food and not getting sucked into the markets I'd heard so much about. Of course this is what I got when I ... read more

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