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Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing May 24th 2015

Left our home of 4 days today and are back on dry land .... at Chongqing. This is the largest city in China and I have never heard of it. We stay overnight and catch our flight home at 11.45pm tomorrow so arrive in Sydney around midday on Tuesday. Haven't really had time to explore ourselves today but have seen the pandas at the zoo, went to another old "Chinatown" (I think every city in China has one) and a beautiful park. We have a free morning tomorrow so will go exploring (hopefully not get lost) before heading out to the airport. Cruise was better than expected. The rooms and the food were ok and we had the option of tours morning and afternoon. Beautiful scenery again and went through the "ship lock" around half way ... read more

Asia » China May 19th 2015

Day8-9 We arrived back in Shanghai. Long journey back by bus which took about 10 hours due to the traffic. Snail pace and not really good on a bus which had seen better days. The stops for toilets and food left a lot to be desired. We caught the maglev train which reaches speeds of 431 km per hour. It was like going on an ekka ride. Over before you knew it but something you really have to experience. For a country where in some areas the technology has gone ahead in leaps and bounds, in other areas they are so far behind. We visited the "old china town" at night which was very beautiful. It again was very much like the ekka, packed with people, appears to be lots of locals, or possibly chinese from ... read more

Asia » China May 15th 2015

Day 6 Hangzhou. We visited the tea plantation today which was very interesting. Another hard sell but as we are not tea drinkers there were no buyers here. Long periods on the bus but some of the scenery is very beautiful. Day 7 Mt Huangshan ... Went to Mr Wong's village (actually it is Hongcun Village). It was very picturesque. We were suppose to go up the mountain after this but the weather turned nasty with a thunderstorm so had to cancel. Finished up at a street market, just like seeing lots of $2 shops (that's what it looked like to me). We have stayed at the Crowne Plaza, Mt Huangshan. Room is lovely, food not so good. We check out in the morning and head back to Shanghai. Something like 6 hours on the bus...not ... read more

Asia » China May 13th 2015

Finally... internet access and time to catch up Day 1.. Sat ... arrived in Bejing very tired and weary around 12.30pm Saturday. (2.30 pm Brisbane time) after leaving Sydney at 7.45pm the night before. Hotel at Beijing was nice, traffic unbelievable, don't move very fast in cars. The first afternoon we wandered not far from the hotel and found "Pizza Hut". Should have known it would not have taken Glenn too long to find a pizza. We managed to actually order one and pay for it without saying one word in chinese, and the young man serving us not speaking any English. Quite funny really. Pizza was similar but menu is very different... lots more pastas on offer, Looks very popular over here. Day 2 - Sunday ... We went to Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane May 7th 2015

Feeling excited now. Half packed and still heaps to do but we will get there. Not sure how this will go but hope to try and make the effort to keep you all up to date with our adventure. Flying down to Sydney around midday and then waiting around the airport till tomorrow night. Looking forward to seeing lots of different things.... read more

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