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14th July 2009

If i had to use one word to explain this show, it would be "Wow". The vivid use of lights, the energetic dancers, the provocative use of sound and music and the cost to watch this show, still amazes me. I am still ask myself, "Wow" why did i waste 230 UED on this 1.5 hr show. Even with the sublimely over the top performance and noise, i was still able to drift in and out of consciousness as i struggled to stay awake through this performance. Originally, i though it was me and at first i didn't want to admit i struggled to stay interested and awake during the performance. It was only once i heard other members of my tour group expressing contempt for the show and its lack-luster performance that then i realised it wasn't just me. I believe, the greatest disappointment of this show is the pure cost. It is way too much. Lets put it into perspective! You could enjoy 7 beers at a night club and have an awesome time. Or you could go on a sand dune safari and a sun-downer dinner with a little cash to spare. Or you could enjoy cocktail drinks at the burj al Arab on over looking the night sky... twice! It is purely NOT WORTH SEEING. Although if you enjoy aerobatics, Arab music at top volume and images being sprayed onto fans on water. Be my guest.
12th July 2009

Well you have had an amazing adventure and seen so many wonderful things and as you say you now will have to get used to be independent again and looking after yourself. We are looking forward to seeing you back home here and both K and C are looking forward to talking to you about South America. Candace has been given 4 months leave from work starting in November. K is also talking about getting upaid leave as well. Lots for you to think about and talk about. Please keep us in the loop over the next 3 weeks as we wonder if you are ok when you travel on your own. Love you precious Mumxxxooo
4th July 2009

Really nice story. And love your pics. btw. Especially those of you :)
24th June 2009

"I can see why the Serbs would have wanted this countryside" actually, the whole Serbia is just the same as that countryside, but you've been to northern Serbian province of Vojvodina and Belgrade only, thus can't really claim you've seen Serbia at all. and btw, you've visited two cities in Bosnia and Hercegovina that had between 20 and 30% of Serbian population till 1991. Today, Sarajevo nominally has 4% and Mostar less than 2% of Serbs. That's about your sentence. Check online data if you doubt in it.
20th June 2009

Enjoyed reading this. I was in Belgrade a couple of years ago and was quite impressed with the city, and like you, we moved onto Sarajevo. I really enjoyed that city.
19th June 2009

What we estonians know about what the colours of our flag stand for, is that blue is for our blue sky, black is for our fertile ground and white is for the cleanliness
18th June 2009

Hi Rochelle, I am enjoying during my tea break reading all about your travels in Europe. What a great time you are having. You wll bring back to NZ plenty of wonderful memories. Keep writing. Pam
18th June 2009

Soviet times? you missed the space, time, geography and at least a thousand kilometers. btw, in that small little town outside of NS, among others, they also produce Bermet, local wine brand that found its place in a wine card of Titanic, and was a default wine on Austrian emperors' menus.
18th June 2009

only very stupid tour leader
can say there is not more to do in Bratislava than 4 hours - actually bratislava castle and Olt town are the most touristy locations and the least interesting, you can visit UFO on New bridge with grat views, you can visit war cemetery Slavin just 15min of walk from Maint rain station with other great views and with relaxing atmosphere, you can visit restaurant in TV tower Kamzik again with great views, you can go to Kamzik with elevated cablear in nature and you can also go there on bobsledge road, not mentioning interesting underground jewish cemetery Chatam Sofer
9th June 2009

Skocjan cave
Actually, Skocjan caves are as beautiful as Postojna caves, and are a lot less touristy. Enjoy the rest of your trip in Europe!
20th May 2009

about the padlocks
to put a padlock around a railing (usually on a bridge) is actually a Slavic custom. If you go to Eastern Estonia, they can be seen everywhere, a nice idea, but you will get tired of them if you live here long enough. So it is a Russian custom mostly, not Estonian...this couple here seems to have Estonian names though And glad you liked the town.
13th April 2009

What a positive family you are!!!!
What a lovely family you are!!! We are planning to leave tomorrow for the same adventure at esra Hotel. Its lovely to hear such positive un biased unrascist comments!!! God bless!
29th August 2008

Looks like you had a fab trip to Africa, sounds like fun (especially the balloon breakfast)!!
24th December 2007

Merry Christmas
Enjoying reading your tour info - what a wonderful trip ! thanks Graham for ringing us yesterday - sounded like you were having a great time. We celebrated Christmas yesterday as Tani and Andrew are off in their camper up north today. Everyone happy and well here. Love Rod
25th October 2007

Not my photos
These photos are not mine, they were sent through via email on one of those massive group emails. I posted them here as interest for friends and family only
24th October 2007

Dude are your pics copyright protected????
18th October 2007

I agree
The drive was frightfully long. And I'm not really sure if it was totally worth it. The rooms were lovely but the facilities weren't the greatest, especiallly for the cost.
16th October 2007

Danat resort
We were there that same week-end and enjoyed the stay, fresh air and nicer weather then Dubai. Service okay not the best. Have to admit though that the drive was long.
1st October 2007

I truely have no idea. She was just on the dive trip with us and I didn't learn her name
1st October 2007

That is most certainly a tiger!!
From Blog: Only In Dubai
28th September 2007

Is that a kitty? or better yet, a tiger?
From Blog: Only In Dubai
27th September 2007

Who is that sitting to the left of you in the 4th photo??
10th September 2007

Better luck next time but at least it better than working,
24th August 2007

Refreshing (despite 46oC)
Hi Rochelle, Just found your blog by accident and have enjoyed reading all your UAE entries. Your take on life in a Sheikdom are refreshing (and hilarious at times) – keep it up (could be a book in there somewhere). John (Abu Dhabi) PS Your photos are also great!
From Blog: Just Cruising
14th August 2007

Thank you for the kind comment. It was pretty tough trying to recover everything after the crash. It took about a week to get it all back. It feels good to have everything there again though. Keep checking for the updates :)
From Blog: Happy Snaps

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