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My recent trips overseas:
- Tanzania (1998),
- Brazil, Argentina (1999, 2000,2001),
- Egypt (2001),
- Ecuador and Peru (2001),
- Cuba (2004), Uganda and Kenya (2005),
- India (2005-2006) ,
- Laos-Cambodia-Thailand (2006)
- India - Ladakh (2007)
- Chile, Bolivia (2008)
- Brazil (2009)

+ numerous trips around Europe :-)

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South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department December 18th 2008

As I travelled last year through one of the most difficult and dangerous roads (Leh-Manali, India) I said to myself... I gotta see the "supposedly" THE most dangerous road in the world - in Bolivia, between La Paz and Coroico - officially called Yungas road. If India the road was special due to its lenghth (over 500km) and the fact that it goes over 5 high mountain passes this one is something completely different. Road starts in La Paz Bolivia, and goes from altiplano to the Bolivian lowlands. From the highest point (around 4700m of altitude at La Cumbre pass) to Coroico it is around 70km and around 3500m of altitude... and part of it its unpaved. The road is legendary for its extreme danger and eventually the Inter-American Development Bank christened it as the "world's ... read more
Rocky Mountain Full Suspension
Group at the start
Preparing for descent

In San Pedro its difficult to get bored (at least during first days of stay). All that you do, is marked by 3 things. Heat, lots of driving and early departures. And of course, as any other tourist, after an arrival to San Pedro, you start contemplating different options and trips in and around. On the top of the list of all agencies is a trip to Valle de la Luna, which includes sidetrip to Valle de la muerte. So, i decided to join... my own way... As a big fan of cycling, I wanted to check local bicycles and paths around San Pedro. And I got myself a Trek bicycle. Not bad, just heavy as it was made of lead. At 15:00 I hit the road, when my temperature sensor was showing 36C... nice :) ... read more
Start of the ascent...
Lunar landscape

What to do in San Pedro de Atacama during the night? Party? Nah... everything closes early... Sleep? Not really... See the stars? Of course... Atacama desert is famous also becasue of its weather (what else hehe). They only have a few rainy or cloudy days and nights in the year. Usually, from march do early december its completely clear... Also, there is little light pollution. Therefore, this desert is famous for its star gazing, and when you drive from La Serena north, you can see a plenthora of observatories on the hills... And apparently, near San Pedro they are building the biggest "collection" of observatories on the world on the altittude around 4800m above sea level. Its called ESO Alma, and its still in construction. Anyway. I wanted to see the stars, and you could come ... read more

Enough of big cities. Enough of resting. I wanna drive around. I wanna travel around :) And I got my dose of travelling. Bus "cama to calama". And buses here are really wow. Size and comfort-wise, europan buses are really small against these. As I went travelling for around 24 hours, i decided to get a bit more expensive bus to Calama, bus cama, which was really comfortable (and around 55US$ - around 40.000 chilean pesos). It was actually a doubledecker, below beds (cama), upstairs semi-cama... If beds were like business sits in plane, semi-cama were economy sits. But, with a twist... even semi-cama has lots of leg space, and really declines... excellent... still, i'm a little bit to tall for any of these buses, but was perfectly comfortable with my cama... And part of the ... read more
On the road again... in Atacama desert
Church in Calama
Chillean meal

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago December 6th 2008

Back on the road. After 18 months of work and around 23 hours of bumping around on airplanes and airports, I have finally arrived. I was on time in Zurich. Enough time to browse for a book (yep, forgot one at home), but unpleasantly surprised. Very bad collection of english book in the international terminal. But anyway, i didn't need a book on a Swiss flight. It was a nice flight, and I thought I was going to Brasil, as majority of passangers were speaking brasilian portuguese, which is so pleasant to the ear. And above all, flying over Andes and looking over snow covered Aconcagua was a real treat (hint: when flying over Andes towards Santiago, sit on the right side of plane, i was just plain lucky). First contact with Santiago was... similar to ... read more
Providencia park
Plaza de Armas
Plaza de Armas

South America » Chile December 6th 2008

It was one late afternoon in late November... fed up with everything, in desperate need of vacation... Started browsing my world map in the office, and thinking where to go... So, i immediately found a few spots in the world, where would be nice to go in this time of the year... Northern Laos, central India,... Unfortunately, there was a blockade of the Bangkok airport, there were terrorist attacks in Mumbai... What if I find some other location... As i would be going alone, what part of the world i would love also to see... New Zealand... ah, too far and too expensive... And then it hits me... what if I do the ride on the world most dangerous road in Bolivia... yep, that will be it... so, Chile and Bolivia it is, and the flight ... read more

Middle East » Jordan July 27th 2007

Last day in Delhi was nice. I rented myself a car for a few hours (ok, a taxi, to drive me to posh district where the embassies are) - 350Rs, however, my lunch in this posh safe-haven can be expensive... but hey, still cheap... Flight towards Jordan was in early hours, so no partying and big farewelling from Delhi. Don't know why the flight has to leave so early, but i got to get up at 2:30 am. As Delhi was still sleaping, the airport was like a huge ant town, bustling with activity... First impression of Jordan... VERY HOT and this is different heat to the one in India, as it is also very dry. Maybe thats why, its easier to survive here with the heat of 40C+. As the flight to Europe is only ... read more
Dead sea
Dead sea swimming

Asia » India July 25th 2007

After exciting drive, first stop was Manali... Manali is actually quite agreeable place. This is one of the locations which is popular among indian turists during hot monsoon summer. Its cooler than in the plains of India, and the effect of the monsoon is smaller and more pleasant. As a starting point for indian Himalaya and a gateway for Ladakh this is also popular with foreigners. Some also come just to be in touch with buddist religion, and some are actually quite "spiritually high"... hmmmm.... literally... So, you can do here lots of stuff... One can go rafting in summer and skiing in winter (yes, they do also have a ski lift). But majority of people actually go to the spectacular Rohtang pass over Manali, to the snow point (and yes, snow is something extraordinary for ... read more
Sleeper Volvo bus
Arriving to Delhi
Delhi traffic jam...

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Manali July 23rd 2007

It was an early morning... 3:30am and waking up with strong tea ...and time for... one of the most exciting roads in the world... The Leh-Manali Highway is a highway in India connecting Leh and Manali. It crosses some of the highest mountain passes in the world, including , , and Tanglang La (5,325 m), Lachulung La (5,059 m - actually this is a double pass, a few km down road you have to go over another, albeit a bit lower pass), Baralacha La (4,892 m) and Rohtang La (3,978 m) and is open only between June and mid-September when snow is cleared from the road. First two passes are the highest and not the most problematic, as there is very little snowfall in Ladakh. Problematic are the last two passes, nearest to Manali, where weather ... read more
Lachulung La (5,059 m)
Avoiding the truck
Truck and a road

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir July 22nd 2007

Finally... its finished... 11 days in a tent, 11 days of walking, around 100 kilometers on foot, the highest point of the trek Gongmaru La 5250m, temperature changes from 30C during the sunny days and 3C during the night, lots of sun, some rain and a few storms... thats a short resume of a trek... Trekking is finished. It was more difficult that i expected. Basically, that was because as I wasn't prepared. Nor physically, nor mentally. Before the trekking i didn't even think about what i'm going to do... Yep, it was physically difficult. Altitude was one of the factors. Especially third night and fourth day on the trekking were difficult. I barely was able to climb upon Gongmaru La, but that wasn't the end. I had to go towards the next camp, and that ... read more
Gongmaru La (5250)
My tent

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