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24th April 2009

it was amazing.....
It was one of those magical days! Jennifer
1st April 2009

You are correct...
LeeAnn and I would NOT be happy with the humidity! Hope you have a blast! Can't wait to read more updates. Stay safe!
30th March 2009

Have fun!
Hey Kris, Have a great time! I will be looking forward to hearing about your trip as you go along...
14th July 2008

How wonderful!
Kristin - these pictures are so great and you're narration is very should think about becoming a writer! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time, I'm long overdue to go and I think it will be very soon. Sophie looks like she's having the time of her life.
From Blog: The village
9th July 2008

Sounds like a full and exciting day and great cultural experience. Glad you are having a great time! Janet
From Blog: Lebanese wedding
3rd July 2008

So glad...
you and Sophie made it there safe! Can't wait to hear all about Beirut! Will you be eating at McDonald's there too??
From Blog: Beirut
20th February 2008

blessings upon you
Wow what an experience. I am so glad you are safe. I have never been close to such an event I am so glad God previously prepared you for such emergencies by havig three kids. How was Congo??? I am in the last day of my India trip and will be in Addis about 6:00am friday on the way to Laska Zambia. I look forward to comparing notes when we are both stateside. Take good care!!! Jeff Lindsay
12th February 2008

All I can say is WOW
Oh my gosh Kris, what you have gone thru! How scarey it must of been for you with the accident. I am praying for a safe return for you and hope your health is okay and will also say some prayers for your friend Lauren. It sure was interesting hearing about you helping these people out and it must feel wonderful knowing that you can make a difference in someones life! Keep your spirits up - I know you will and will also make the most of this adventure. Janet
From Blog: Turf wars
12th February 2008

You are doing some great work. I am glad you are enjoying yourself. All the best, SMT
From Blog: Fistula hospital
11th February 2008

Love the updates...
So happy you are able to update your blog! Love reading your entries and a great way for you to journal your trip. Reading about the girls and how little they all have (at least as far as basic needs go) makes me appreciate life here so much more! We are all very lucky in comparison for all that we have access to. Yes, it's freezing here (even by my standards). It's up to -7 right now...balmy compared to this weekend! The other posts are correct...Francy is borderline mullet and he seems to like it (scary). Be safe over there!!!!!
From Blog: Fistula hospital
11th February 2008

Hi Kristin, Got caught up on all of your blogging, thanks for keeping us posted. Sounds like your doing a lot of good and having quite an adventure over there. Glad to hear you are safe as well. You are missing some of the most butt kicking cold weather I have ever experienced! Sub-Zero plus wind chill ... I think I got a break with the winter up here last year.
From Blog: Wenchi
10th February 2008

I am so HAPPY!
It has been great to read about your travels. It's Sunday, about 5:00 p.m. and the temperature this a.m. was -14. At around 1:00 p.m. the temperature had risen to -12. Not many are moving today. Sophie was at dance yesterday and was very happy. The girls did great. She was also at dance on Thursday. Eddie picked up the girls and John brought them home. I am very happy that all appears to be going well. PLEASE take care!!! When you get home we will have a dinner to hear all about your adventure. Kristin, how I admire what you are doing and the help that you have brought!! Take care and thank you for your comments. You inspire us all!! Jean Nelson and Family!
From Blog: Wenchi
9th February 2008

We're thinking of you
We had our staff meeting and were talking about you and your journey. We are glad you are safe in Ethiopia and we await your next entry. On another note, Patrick has decided to either get a haircut this weekend or let his hair grow into a true mullet. Stay safe and God bless.
From Blog: Turf wars
8th February 2008

Winter in MT
45 degrees today, snow tommorrow, -3 for Friday night and 45 by Sunday, now this is more like MT winter in Great Falls. Hope all is well there. Would love some coffee beans direct from the source, now that you have room in your luggage. LOL Randy
From Blog: Turf wars
7th February 2008

Barking Dogs
Your entries each day reveal your passion for this Mission Trip and Africa, seems you're 'living the dream' as they say at Disney! You're missing out - Minneapolis forecast is snow Friday day and evening then 16 below Saturday night. Regarding the dogs, maybe add an Ambien (or two Martinis) along with wearing the earplugs tonight. Take care and don't lose sight of your pin money.
7th February 2008

Hey crazy
Finally got to read your blogs. I knew from LeeAnn you were good. Sounds like your trip has already been tremendously rewarding- what a hands on education. Can't wait to hear more! Travel safe! Mary
From Blog: Turf wars
6th February 2008

Missing sophie and tobey as well
Hello! So happy to hear from you. You are the first to respond. Glad to hear that things are going well. Thank you for all your help in my absence! Tell Sophie I love her and give Tobey a kiss for me!
6th February 2008

Hope your are well!
Kristin Day, it is Wednesday, February 6, 2008. I hope that your trip over was comfortable and that all is going well. I am excited to hear about your travels to date. The Nelson's are thinking of you! Blog soon! Take Care! P.S. The girls had a great practice yesterday and Toby was great, but all are missing you!!

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