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26th July 2013

You mean people in Poland don\\\'t all speak English? That\\\'s mighty rude of them.
From Blog: Warsaw
29th June 2014

Clearly you are misunderstood, Frank. My issue was not with Polish people's lack of English; it was with the utter rudeness of the select few I came across. And, had you actually read the blog properly, you would have seen that I pinched myself for not having learnt any Polish. Apologies for not having made that more clear for you Frank, but thanks for commenting!
From Blog: Warsaw
22nd March 2013

Just loving for your travels especially for tips for when I visit Phuket. Very entertain writing. Can't wait for next episode xxxx
From Blog: Siem Reap
19th March 2013

Love reading your blog!
After reading this. It reminded me of my visit to those places and your explanation of the feeling and history is exactly how I would have written it if I hadn't been too lazy. Lol. I really hope your safe, happy and eating lots of delicious SEA delicacies! I miss you and wish you a very very fun and safe and unforgettable travel! Love you!!
11th March 2013

First step
Could visualise you sitting in your room looking out of the window! surprised you had to travel so far to get a Visa, still, you got to see more places on route. May be a good idea to have a bum bag if they still make them that is. Can't wait for next step xxxx be careful xxxx
2nd January 2013

Loved following your blog. Looking forward to reading more xx
Does travelblog tell me when you have updated. Loved reading everything but actually not sure how I got to your Blog. Trial and tribulation but don't want to miss future updates xxxx

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