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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef March 5th 2010

We could not wake up to a more a beautiful day but I have seen how fast the clouds can roll in when you are not paying attention. This morning we had our helicopter flight and we were a bit worried that our flight booked for 9.30 might be too late to really enjoy the full glory of the Glacier's. Well we could not have been more wrong! It couldn't have been a more beautiful day! The sounds of helicopters during your stay to see the Glaciers is very common and there are many companies for you to choose between. We chose Mountain Helicopters as they came highest recommended in Rankers. We were very pleased to hear that they used the smaller helicopters which meant that everyone had a window seat and no one was stuck ... read more
Snow Landing
Franz Joseph

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Glaciers March 5th 2010

We wake up to an absolutely beautiful day in Fox. Which is great because our first stop is Lake Matheson which is supposed to beautifully reflect the view of the Glacier. So we hurried through breakfast and headed as early as we could and no surprises that we were not the first there. We were very lucky actually as by 10ish the clouds started gathering around the top of the mountains. It was a beautiful view of the Glacier and watching the mist lifting off the water. We also had a lovely walk around the lake to stretch our legs and it gave us plenty of opportunities to see more of the view, it was only an hour excursion. It was a magical moment when we saw two ducks swimming across the water gently breaking the ... read more
Lake Matheson
Fox Glacier
Photo 5

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast March 4th 2010

We started our day prepared for a long drive ahead as we slowly make our way along the west coast to see the Glaciers, final destination being Fox. We were tempted to stop in Wanaka and maybe go and do some wine tasting but we somehow managed to resist. We started off the journey well by mistakenly driving through Arrow Town but at least it meant we could cross it off our list of things we had seen and done. It is the perfect image of an old mining town from the Midwest. It was then time to face the challenging drive over the Crown Range Road. Hubby is thankfully used to driving these types of roads and found it probably more joyful than he should have. Thankfully it was summer as in winter I figure ... read more
Lake Wanaka
Lake Hawea
Blue Waters

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown March 4th 2010

So it's now an early morning drive to Queenstown. We had overheard that it was a beautiful drive but we were not so quite prepared as how beautiful it really was. It was a beautiful drive through rolling hills. I ended up taking hundreds of pictures. Here we are Queenstown So unlike most our plan here in Queenstown was not to do some adrenalin junkie activity as most. We kind of traded in doing Doubtful Sound for that as we wanted to see as much as possible of the South Island and anyway you can do these activities pretty much anywhere in the world right. That and the cost of these activities are tremendously exorbitant! It does not take long to realise though that that is really the only reason to come to Queenstown as most ... read more
The Gondola
Photo 4
Photo 5

We had our lunch packed and were now ready for our day on Doubtful Sound and yes the sun was shining this time. We went with Real Journey Cruises which also included a tour of the Manapouri Power Station which was maybe an unnecessary stop for us but we tend to be up for anything and it is all actually quite interesting. Actually getting to Doubtful Sound is a bit of a process. It involved a bus drive to Manapouri as we were staying in Te Anau, then a boat ride on the Manapouri Lake to view the power station. We then had another bus ride down to catch the boat for our Doubtful Sound Cruise. Doubtful Sound is a lot bigger than Milford and maybe doubly beautiful. The expanse leaves you breathless and you end ... read more
View of Doubtful Sound
Photo 4

So I wake up occasionally to the sound of rain on the camper and do pray that hopefully it will stop and continue to hope even on the drive to the port and as we walk through the rain to the terminal and even as we run onto the boat and even as we drink the complimentary coffee to warm ourselves up...oh well we resign ourselves to a rainy day on Milford Sound. Our Mitre Peak Cruise So we chose Mitre Peak because we had read reviews that it was a nicer small boat to the popular Real Journey's option and it truly was tiny in comparison to the big Real Journey's boat beside us. Our crew were very very friendly throughout and the Captain often wondered around the boat to chat with everyone. I was ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland March 2nd 2010

Driving to Manapouri We wake up this morning to finish the Southern Coastal Route to Te Anau and then head onto the Milford road to yes Milford. This is also where I get the brilliant idea to take pictures while I am en-route to my destinations (all good until I nearly lost all my pictures and now that they have been retrieved they are all in a mess and I have difficulty remembering which bit was which, I will expand a bit more in the next post) as the surrounding environment was always so beautiful. It became a bit frustrating at times for hubby as he was never sure if I wanted him to stop so I could get a better picture but if we stopped everywhere we would never get to our destination! Anyway.... So ... read more
Cosy Nook
McCracken's Rest
Clifden Bridge

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Catlins March 2nd 2010

It's an early wake up call as we make our way slowly to Invercargill and visit the Catlins along the way. I actually did not know how to title this post as we were technically following the Southern Coastal Route as well. We had a leaflet with a great map describing all the places we could stop and obviously we had to pick and choose as we only had a day to do it in. At least we knew we were not rushing to Invercargill as we were told there was not much to do their and it really was just a pit stop to rest our weary heads. We stopped at kaka point with beautiful views of the beach before making our way to visit the lighthouse at Nugget Point. There were fantastic views to ... read more
Nugget Point
Purakaunui Falls
Cathedral Caves

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Dunedin March 2nd 2010

So we wake up not to sunshine but not to rain so that is a good start. I still don the jumper and jacket and even have my scarf in my bag just in case. Who thought talking about my holiday in the South Island would involve talking about the weather? Thankfully as the day progressed Mr Golden Sun decided to show himself! Our morning was all about discovering Dunedin city centre after we dragged ourselves into town on foot having no change to catch a bus. The City itself did impress me with it's style of much so that I felt forced to take a few pictures of them. We naturally headed towards the Octagon as it was placed right in the middle of the City with a statue of Robert Burns no less, ... read more
The Municipal Building
The Albatross

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago March 1st 2010

So we wake up to rain which I guess is thankfully not a surprise and hey we are only driving to Dunedin today on highway 1 so there is not going to be that much to see. We do have the hopeful promise that the weather will improve. We are collected at our motel by Linda from Affordable Motor Rentals to go and collect what is going to be home away from home for the next 11 days. I am pretty excited when I see it because I have done pretty much every other type of accommodation so this would be the last to cross off the list. Linda explained how everything worked to us and it all seemed pretty easy to manage and there was plenty of space to put all our stuff and we ... read more
St Kilda Beach

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