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Shannon Feesago

Asia » China » Beijing May 28th 2014

Beijing has an eclectic art district, known as 789 Art District. It’s set in a large industrial park, and there are small art museums, cafes, and outdoor sculptures spanning a large area. The art was rather dark and disturbing, but we had a semi-normal breakfast and real coffee! We spent most of the day there, and ate at Laker’s Pizza (Toby, this picture’s for you). Later that day, we figured out how to order McDonald’s online and have it delivered for free. We ordered all the stuff you can’t get at home – chicken rice wrap, curry tonkatsu rice wrap, spicy wings, taro pie, pineapple pie, etc. It was delicious. The next day, I went shopping for souvenirs at the Pearl Market and haggled over price. I got a Bluetooth speaker for $5, which I’ve already ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing May 25th 2014

This day was packed with cultural tours. The class boarded the bus at 8:15 to head out to the Great Wall. The Great Wall was originally built in 200 BC, rebuilt in 100 BC, and rebuilt again in the 1400’s. It opened to the public in 1949 when the military stopped using it to protect the Chinese border. We visited a rebuilt section of the wall, and it is a popular (crowded) section because it is easy to get to. It is very steep in places and reminded me of Dead Woman’s pass on the Inca Trail when we hiked to Machu Picchu. We were stopped several times for photos by Chinese locals. The tour guide said people travel from rural villages to these sites, and this is probably the first time they have seen a ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing May 24th 2014

We had a full day of class – Economics in China. After that, the program coordinator (a fellow Trojan) invited me to a USC networking event downtown. I met her at work, and we rode the subway together to the Sofitel hotel downtown. It turned out to be a wine tasting event and alumni networking, and they had about 25 New Zealand wineries pouring wine. We met a few people, and when the event ended around 8:30, a few of them invited us to grab some McDonald’s downstairs. As we were walking out, someone else said we were going to Fred’s Burgers. When we ended up in the hotel lobby with our group, a few people decided to go home instead, and we were left with 5 of us, none of whom knew where the burger ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing May 24th 2014

We visited the top consulting firm in China today and got to ask questions about the Chinese consumer market. We were only there for half the day, so the remainder of the day was free. We ended up going to the Temple of Heaven, a complex of religious buildings situated in the southeastern part of central Beijing. The complex was visited by the Emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties for annual ceremonies of prayer to Heavenfor good harvest. (Wikipedia) It was built in the early 1400’s. We also dressed up as emperors and princesses and took pictures. Afterwards, we went to the Pearl Market, ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing May 21st 2014

We had our first full day of class – a lesson in Chinese history, culture, and social behaviors. After class, we all went out to K-Town for a Korean dinner feast. By all of us, I mean half the class – nearly 30 of us! It was amusing to watch a large group of foreigners walking the 2.2 km together to get to the restaurant. We had a private room and we all squeezed in around 2 large round tables that are supposed to seat 10 each. Sonia (the native speaker), and her friend ordered everything for us, and it seemed like the food never stopped coming. We must have had 20 different dishes brought to the table, and 4 cases of beer. It ended up being 80 RMB per person ($13). Unbelievable. The more adventurous ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing May 21st 2014

We had our first day of class, which was really just orientation – a campus tour, a Chinese lesson, etc. We got out early, so we were able to explore Beijing a little in the afternoon. We ended up going to a section of old Beijing and walked around the hutongs, or neighborhoods, with shops, restaurants, and bars. We then headed over to a small lake (Houhai) with more shopping. We stayed in a large group of 20 (1/3 of the class!), impressive for a large city like Beijing. We stopped for appetizers, and one of the native speakers ordered food for everyone. We had a flour and egg dish that tastes like sweet dough. It was a favorite dish for the last emperor. We also had a fish dish that looked like a blooming onion, ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing May 18th 2014

I made it to Beijing without any major hiccups. I did get a shoelace stuck in the people mover while my hands were full with coffee and an egg McMuffin. Knowing how clumsy I am, it seemed appropriate. I also almost missed my flight to Beijing. They never announced that they were boarding everyone in English, and they didn’t change the sign from Business Class to Coach. It didn’t help that everyone waiting at that gate must have been waiting for another plane, so there was never a queue to line up for the flight. The flight was barely half-full, and they were waiting for more passengers to board, so I think some of the Westerners sitting at that gate were in the same predicament as me. I successfully navigated the subway to my hotel. It ... read more

Asia » Singapore March 17th 2013

Here are a few photos from Day 1 - Singapore... read more
View from Room - Marina Sands (see the boat?)
View from room - River
Clarke Quay - River Walk

Asia » Singapore March 16th 2013

After 24 straight hours of traveling, all 60 of us safely made it to Singapore. The view from our room is amazing - we have a river view and we look directly at the Marina Bay Resort and Casino, which is a beautiful resort. The site won't let me upload photos right now, but I'll try again later.... read more

For those that don't know exactly where Singapore and Thailand are... don't worry, I wasn't 100% before I started this course, either. Singapore is at the tip of Malaysia and is a City-State. It has an incredible, booming economy and is a thriving, 1st world economy. Think skyskrapers on a small island with zero traffic, and English is one of the many official languages. Thailand is the only southeast asian country that was never colonized by Europe. Thais take great pride in that. We'll be in Bangkok, then we're heading north to Chiang Mai, then south to the beautiful Thai beaches on an island near Phuket. The Thai language is very difficult - one word can mean many things based on the inflection. For example, maa could be dog, horse, come, or mom. You certainly don't ... read more

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