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23rd March 2011

bill and nancy i think i like the color photo. but the black and white pictures have you thinking what they really look like. your friend linda
21st March 2011

Hanavsky pavilion
Hello Bill and Nancy I'm Jiro from Bangkok, Thailand. Nice to know you. I just read your post about Hanavsky pavilion in Letna Park. I really want to go there and take some picture of Vltava river and bridges. Could you please answering me question below: 1. I stay at Pargue 3 (Olsanka Hotel (Táboritská 23/1000 130 00 Praha 3 - Žižkov.). Can you tell me how can I go to Hanavsky Pavilion ? 2. Is Hanavsky pavilion public open for tourist. I really want to go there and take some picture of river and bridges. Or I have to order some food at the Hanavsky restaurant. Looking forward to hear from you. Jiro
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9th March 2011

very helpfull
looking forward to come to croatia and visit plitvice
7th March 2011

Incredible! Whe do you return? Bill
25th February 2011

Happy Birthday!
Dear Bill, Happy birthday even though it is too late. I just read this blog today, but I still remember your birthdays. Anyway, happy birthday again and happy and healthy everyday! Very happy to see the pictures of you. Wang Peng
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15th February 2011

Blueberry Cheesecake! Yes!
10th February 2011

Happy birthday!
Belated happy birthday greetings to you, Bill! We finally get to see a picture of you! Evidently, you are usually the one to taking pictures. I've been enjoying touring around Spain and other countries where you have traveled through your pictures and narrations on what we are seeing. We had a dusting of snow last night. It looks pretty, but I'll be glad to get back to the 60s next week and some sunshine! Hope you continue to enjoy your stay in Prague and visits to other areas. Take care. Love, Virginia
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10th February 2011

A Very Happy Brithday
Wow, Bill! It looks like you had a lot of fun! What a great way to spend your birthday.
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9th February 2011

Happy Birthday Bill! Enjoyed the pictures. The cake looked soooo good! Mei
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9th February 2011

Happy Birthday, Bill!
Hope you and Nancy had a nice celebration. Thx for sharing. Bob Harrison
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8th February 2011

From Blog: Bill's Birthday
8th February 2011

Ah, there's Bill, kicking back his customary vodka...I hope you woke up in the right country. Ah, I kid. Happy birthday, Bill - we miss you and Nancy terribly. If I make you a cake like that, will you guys come back sooner? Perhaps I should start now, since it might take me awhile to recreate THAT cake.
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8th February 2011

From Blog: Bill's Birthday
8th February 2011

HI BILL FROM JEAN IN TIMBERVILLE! Wishing you another Good Year/Enjoy your blogs and glad to be able to be able to see the lovely pictures and hear about your experiences. Exciting. You both look great! Keep on enjoying. Love and Hugs from Virginia
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4th February 2011

Wonderful Travel Log
I really enjoy reading your comments of your travels and what a wonderful Christmas that must have been. Thank you so much for bringing all these wonderful countries to us . We have wanted to go to Prague ever since you started sending the blog.
3rd February 2011

Love It
Bill and Nancy, We love your blogs. So glad to have had you to show us around in Prague. Travelling, you remind us of us. Betty and Ramsey Michaels
1st February 2011

Ah, to be a child again
Thanks for this summary---and photos--of your visit. We do not play enough!
30th January 2011

Marvelous! What awesome Photograohers u are! Thank u for sharing with me. May god richly bless u as u do me. MEG
24th January 2011

Out of proportion
"An odd encounter but one most English-only folk probably deserve." Not sure about that. You learn the language you need. Should I be irritated/angry that many people can't/won't "speak" or "read" multiple musical languages? Most of us have trouble making ourselves understood at all in our native tongue as it is. Sounds like this guy was itching to get some anger out. You were tourists! Geez. Probably was a backlash against globalization and language push (so to speak).
24th January 2011

Great description! Of course, the ethnomusicologist in me wonders many things about this (what the text meant, why they started singing exactly at that point and place, why you thought the music was reminiscent of Jewish music), but it's gratifying nonetheless that there are places and people that will just start singing! Perhaps it takes someone (say, a little girl) less inhibited by fears of "proper" behavior to lead us in this type of thing, eh? I must also say that I'm disappointed that the singing was stopped by the Mass, and there is probably something to be said there about power and politics...but I'll leave it be.
24th January 2011

One word: WOW
20th January 2011

Wow..I love these pictures..I am so jealous!! I hope and pray that you have a safe and wonderful time. I think of you guys often..Love always and always..Ash
19th January 2011

I really enjoy your blogs. I forward them to our traveling friends. You met some of them in Prague. They also are enjoying them.
19th January 2011

Bill and Nancy, It's nice to have a "vicarious" vacation, thanks to your comments and photos. All the best, Bob Harrison, AAMC
18th January 2011

That's my dad!
Aunt Nancy and Uncle Bill I am having a great time reading along on your adventures! When I opened this post, the first thing I saw was the picture of the young man and thought "That looks like my dad!" Then I read your comment and caption and had to laugh... you guys aren't the only ones who had that thought! Can't wait to read more about your travels. Love to you both, Britt

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