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Asia » China » Inner Mongolia May 14th 2009

09May09 Woke up very cold out misty foggy 5 degrees C in tent. Hard to get started. Eat apple each with some moldy smelling but not looking chipatis, picked up our muddy tent and bikes and rolled away cold. I wore my bright SeeMe vest Madonna gave to me. (smiley face goes here) Very wobbly front end this morning. Sometimes it seems more wobbly when I'm not pedaling and sometimes opposite. We thought we could get some food in a village just a few km down the road. We saw a place with tables inside and Chad went over and talked to a man who came out with many pieces of his face missing, from frostbite he thinks - tip of nose parts of cheeks and ears. The man pointed us across the street and ... read more
On their way

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Erlyan May 13th 2009

At any speed the landscape changes at an almost unpercievable pace. Subtle details transform around you but it is hard to put a finger on any one particular moment from whence everything has changed. The steppe is a vast grassland with an enormous sky. When we turn on the GPS the screen is filled with satelites fighting for recognition. The fact that this plain stretches on for distances that make the Canadian Shield seem like a suburban lawn makes it feel even more daunting. Walk to the edge of the horizon, see the same thing again. Two days ago we stopped for drinks and cookies at a dusty little bus stop. As we sat there eating our snacks we noticed that the animals around were lean, the grass was gone, and the sand was moving. Welcome ... read more

Asia » China » Hebei May 6th 2009

Up, up and out of the city we climbed. Through the restored ramparts of the Great Wall and out onto a high plateau. Last night found us enjoying the company of folks who are by Chinese standards political dissidents. We don't see any of them heading to the capitol with a truck full of fertilizer and fuel oil any time soon. None the less, when the local police entered their restaraunt, the bilingual dance performance we were watching on their old TV, along with the conversation we were having took a turn to a different channel. This is coal country; here they are taking the earth and turning it into smoke and electricity in huge factories that line the sides of rivers. People smile through their black masks of dust that cover their faces. That tell ... read more
Following the tracks

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA April 28th 2009

Today finds us in Tianjin, China where we have taken the day to find info, maps, etc and enjoy another round of damn fine food. Southern Japan was a pricey treat and procuring ferry tickets turned out to be far easier than finding our way to the dock! After a few interrogation sessions with helpful locals (including a spanish exchange by some strange chance) we found the obscure footbridge entrance to the departrure port and off we sailed. The journey took 53 hours and we were lucky to have a four person cabin all to ourselves. On the second night our course led us directly into a storm. The sea swelled to 20+ feet and sent waves up and over our top deck cabin. From the window the world outside undulated constantly between total darkness ... read more

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