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Years ago, in what can now be called youth, my comrade Eliot and I struck out for Alaska one spring as the Sierra melted out. I had an injured ankle but figured that I could stuff the thing into a kayak if nothing else. We worked at a greasy spoon in the Kenai, paddled the local coasts and rivers, clambered around the peaks of the Chugach, and lived off "da fatta da lan". After a few months of smelling like a hamburger, one day the axe just fell and we headed for the great north with scarcely more beta than what could be garnered from a few conversations with a retired long-haul trucker named Norm. Thanks Norm. We took the Haul Road for the Brooks range and climbed the first big, imposing ridge traverse we could ... read more
Descending to Denali Pass.
Topping Out
On the way to high camp

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik September 25th 2010

Istanbul has a history of being a great crossroads. The ethnic blend of the Turkish people in general is reminiscent of our own country and in the urban center-of-it-all this becomes even more distilled and obvious. Of course, this idea of "east meets west" is heavily marketed and commercialised in a city overflowing with tourists and, following a sojourn through more authentic places, this quickly rubbed us the wrong way. We have learned from living in a tourist area that every such place has a more realistic side where day to day life rolls on and the beauty of banality lies in open display. One day, while eating baklava and watching the throngs of tourists march by, two folks came along and opened the door to such a culture in Istanbul . Because the city ... read more
Entering Macedonia from Greece
North end of Lake Ohrid, Macedonia
Team James Frames poses

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul September 14th 2010

The thunder clapped like the Ramadan cannon and the rain sounded like hail as it pounded the side of our tent in drops the size of marbles. The cold front had finally arrived and the heat moved out like migratory birds. Good riddance. We were not the only people to breath a sigh of relief as this summer has been the hottest that any in the region can remember. The next day brought us to the end of our Black Sea experiences as we approached a 1500 meter climb into the interior. Clouds veiled the sun´s intensity as we rose with wings into pristine pine forests. Days like this are what cycling is all about and it always makes us homesick. The serenades of the tiny mountain mosques paired with the peaceful greetings of locals ... read more
Road construction
Roaming inland
Leaving Karabük

Middle East » Turkey » Black Sea » Sinop September 3rd 2010

"Seek my part, devote myself. My small self. Like a book amongst the many on a shelf...." -Eddie Vedder We have read that the Black Sea is actually quite new in geologıc time. It seems that what is now the sea floor was perhaps once inhabited by homınids of some derevation before risıng sea levels following the last ice age flooded the vast basin. The interplay between legend and science is an interesting matrix as both fields essentially belie the existance of fact and thus maintain a wide catchment for interpretations and understandings. The current human population here on the Turkish north coast share such a wıde range of ideas, not only about the character of their fair sea, but of the future of their world at large...... "The sea turns black in winter", "fish ... read more
Welcome to Turkey
Old man ın the sea
Smooth pavement, shoulder as wide as a lane

Europe » Russia » South » Caucasus » Mt. Elbrus August 24th 2010 the rivers of Babylon, where we sat down. Ehr we wept, when we remembered Zion..... The train that carried us away from Berlin had a ghostly feel not unlike the chariot that carried Jonathan Harker away from the Bistritsa pass in the opening chapters of "Dracula". Prior to this we had travelled in European luxury in the hands of typical Deutsch Bahn comfort, but the transfer ride from the glassy, modern Berlin central station to the Kiev connection told a different tale. Drunks sat about mumbling to themselves, security was nonexistant and the air around us filled with the unmistakable sound of Slavic tongues. Goodbye Europe, Hello Bloc. The faces of those around us also changed from the virtually post-ethnic intelligentsia of the worlds most developed countries to the pure bred, blue eyed stare of ... read more
blood meat
lift me up
sunrise on Caucasus

Africa » Tanzania » North » Moshi August 6th 2010

This, the first blog on the road, is dedicated to community visionaries the world over and to those who are humble enough to respect their visions. Special thanks to Greg Higgins and Mark Lindow for your work and the unabashed way in which you share your passions with us all. Asalam Alekhum, na safari njema...... It was really just a big trip, nothing besides. That is what we were naive enough to believe when we planned and executed last summer's journey. But lifestyles have momentum and, following a year of dreaming and doing, we found ourselves creatures of a new habit. Winter leaves no doubt about where we should go and what we should do, but the loathsome days of summer require planning for emotional survival in a reality without the nucleus of snowy simplicity. This ... read more
Warrior Spiritual
A cheap bike, a break from reality
Evening in Pangani village

The days are brisk with a northwesterly flow carrying a partly cloudy hint of future precip. Morning rides find us wearing jackets as temps drop below freezing. The high country is choked with snow and skiing is butter. Ten days together, at home, so surreal, savor every moment of this sweet place and time... fill our hearts with cool mountain air. No matter how often we pack our stuff into heavy bundles and hop on planes to places seemingly distant, there is always a special allure to being in the Tahoe basin. In recent years where at least one of us has been abroad more often than not, our home has come to seem a whole lot more important. When we roll, we roll with the security of knowing that there is a place that ... read more
Old friend

North America » United States » California » Lake Tahoe March 2nd 2010

We want to announce to those who subscribed to our blog that we will be presenting slide shows of our bicycle journey on the following upcoming dates: - Thursday March 4th, 5:30 pm, Tahoe Environmental Research Center at Sierra Nevada College, 291 Country Club Drive, Incline Village, Nevada - Friday March 5th, 7pm, The River School, 7777 White Fir Street, Reno, Nevada -Tuesday March 9th, 6pm, in the yurt at Tahoe Cross Country, 925 Country Club Drive, Tahoe City (Dollar Hill), California Please join us if you can. Smiles to all, Allison and Chad... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam October 31st 2009

Learning to ride with a loaded bike can be humbling. The first time you set out on a tour it is hard to fathom what the bike will feel like under the load of all your gear. The unsteadiness you feel that first time mixed with the thought of the task at hand makes the whole undertaking seem for a moment unimaginable and you are given the opportunity to either quit, go insane, or focus on what you can do for the moment and forget about the future. That process, forgetting about the future, is an ongoing meditation. When you start each new tour the feeling is no less bewildering but you have the confidence that you will again master the feel. A less expected but equally strange feeling is the first ride without panniers following ... read more
Muiderport Station
From sea to sea

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Dresden October 20th 2009

So a white guy, a black guy, and a Polock were on an airplane that was about to crash.................. and that was about all we knew about Poland when we crossed the border out of Slovakia. Growing up in the States most of us were exposed to a wealth of jokes where the unlucky Polish bloke always ends up doing the stupidest thing possible. After travelling for just ten days in the country it seems more likely that the joke was somehow on us. We heard stories of widespread pollution and indeed some urban areas in the south, where coal is still used for domestic heating, are a dismal sight. This scene quickly gave way however to scenic country roads which took us through small villages and pastoral lands rimmed with the glorious beauty of deciduous ... read more
Time to ride, Czech Republic
We're alone in a national park, CZ

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