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30th November 2010

welcome home.
5th November 2010

Happy trails in Mexico
Things are nice in SAcramento, enjoying an Indian Summer. It will be 77-80 F today. I'm going for motorcycle ride sAturday and doing Jim's Burningman ho-down sAturday nite. Would like to ask a favor if your remember. I collect rocks from different parts of the world. Since, I can't join you, I would like a piece of Mexico. if you could note the rock came from that would be a bonus! If ther eis anything you need on this side of the boarder please let me know..... El Kent and La Bonnie
3rd November 2010

Mr Bob
I have an extra pair of eye glasses, would you like to borrow them? Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Your doing the right thing at the right time in your life....enjoy Mr Ed
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1st November 2010

The Photos are Mine
-Sue- I'm glad everybody enjoys the photos I'm including with the blog. I've probably taken almost 1000 photos so far and spend a bit of time selecting the ones I post. I didn't bring any great photo processing software with me, but I do have a program I can use to crop and resize what I want to post. I try to take my camera with me when I have the energy and, of course, when I'm going somewhere photogenic. A Day of the Dead blog will be arriving on your doorstep soon along with a great set of photos (hopefully).
31st October 2010

Your beautiful pictures
I'm enjoying so much your vivid descriptions of your trip. But I particularly enjoyed the pictures of the dancers. Did you take the pictures yourself? If so, I'm really impressed. Love, Mom
30th October 2010

Keep those stories and details coming!
Hi. I love having a mission--like specific stuff you want to find: kitchen items, bandaids, toilet paper, special rocks (I like rocks)--when you're away from home. Gives you a reason for some real interactions with the locals. I really like the way you are improving your Spanish with the private tutor, Bob. Congrats on making it more economical, too! Hope you are feeling better, Sue. Isn't it fun to settle into a neighborhood in a foreign country, and pretend you live there? I know it has been that way for me in Paris. Happy Day of the Dead! Guess you have heard, the Giants have won the first two games of the World Series, rather decisively. That's BIG news here. Love, Elinor / Iz
29th October 2010

Hey Guys: I haven't read the last two blogs, yet. Been kinda busy. I'll read them today, tho'. Sounds like you are having quite the adventure. I'm so spoiled by WalMart, I think I'd be a little flustered to have to go to multiple stores for essentials. But, hey, when in Mexico! I'm impressed, Bob, that you're so committed to learning (sorta) the language. Muy bien! Michael was discharged (again) last night from the hospital. He was taken by ambulance on Monday to S.F. to have the experts drain the pseudocyst that's engulfing his pancreas. He still has pancreatitis and still needs to have is gallbladder removed. In the meantime, he's here. He's a mere shell of himself, since he hasn't really eaten food since Aug.23rd, when his pancreas exploded. I'm getting quite an education, mostly on hospital policy. Arghhh! Got good news this week when UCDavis 'pardoned' his tab, which was ~ $400,000. That was for 4 weeks. He was in Sutter 6 (more) weeks,. That stay is covered under his CMISP insurance. He's the million dollar man$$ Well, back to work. Have fun kids!!!!
26th October 2010

I can live my whole life without experiencing a bus ride like that!
From Blog: Puebla
22nd October 2010

Loved the connection you made, Sue, with Balzac and the song from the Music "Yes, folks we got trouble, right here in River City. And that starts with T and that rhymes with P, and that stands for Pool!" I remember stuff like that, and forgot more intellectual references like Balzac. Among other things, Music Man is a delightful spoof on stodgy conservative small-town life a long time ago. I remember it from high school days. But we saw a very fun production of Music Man not that long ago. The music really holds up. Besides Trouble in River City, I really like "Seventy-six Trombones". Your adventures in Mexico continue to sound enticing. Keep on with the enjoyable experiences and great photos! I am in Monterey, visiting Dirk and Leah for my birthday. What a luxury to be able to spend a whole week here! Iz
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22nd October 2010

Happy Birthday
Hi Bob and Sue, Happy Birthday Bob, don't spend all the ss in one place! We're enjoying the blog, good way to vicariously enjoy Mexico. Iz is here visiting for a week, we're having a great time, went to the house on Via Descanso today. Love, Dirk and Leah PS~get a Mac, or an IPad
21st October 2010

I'm Also Looking for an Old Girlfriend
I turn 65 in January. Maybe Bob's girlfriend has a sister for me? Abe
From Blog: History Lesson
19th October 2010

Happy Birthday, bro'!
Buenas Dias I thought about you, Bob, and sent best wishes yesterday on your birthday, then forgot to write. :( The music festival sounds great. Love the pictures! Great how you seem to have friends all over, from previous visits. Keep on having a great time in Mexico, and welcome to Medicare when you get back. :) Love, Iz
From Blog: History Lesson
16th October 2010

Have Great Time!
I'll be happy to follow your trip through your blog! Bom voyage! Abe
13th October 2010

Glad to see you made it and you are well on your way to another awesome Mexican vacation. Una mas cerveza, por favor.
From Blog: Finally Arrived
13th October 2010

Beautiful and Exotic!
Loved hearing of your adventures! The pictures show what to me seems very exotic. The boat thing looks sort of like pictures I have seen of Bangkok. Isn't it lovely to return to a foreign place, and feel at home, glad to be back?? That's how I am in Paris. How's the air quality in Mexico City? It is in the same time zone as California?
From Blog: Finally Arrived
12th October 2010

Sounds fun
Sounds like you are going to have a fun time. I am looking forward to your postings.
30th September 2010

You're on our MacBook and iPad!!
Bet you are counting the days!! I know I would be. Looking forward to great words and pictures coming out of Mexico. Have fun-------Shirley and Don
27th September 2010

I'm getting more computer literate!
Well, I finally got into this blog response thing. I know that you are going to have a great trip. Thanks for letting me share it. Mom
26th September 2010

Happy Trails
Am so happy we will be going to Mexico from our computer chair as you keep us updated with mail and beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing Both of You. Love from Woodland, California.
25th September 2010

boa Viagem
Hi Sue and Bob, I am looking forward to reading all you adventures and maybe next time you host for our club you will need to cook us some yummy mole!

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