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Amelia Jayne
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At the start of 2016 I will be moving from a tiny village in North Norfolk, England to Auckland, New Zealand. Before that I have 6 weeks traveling the east coast of Australia. I have spent my life traveling but never have I embarked on an adventure as big as my next.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Townsville September 12th 2015

I caught the travel bug at 16 with my first ‘solo’ trip, half way around the world. I say solo. Technically, I went to visit family, but the whole idea of taking a plane and organising the trip I planned myself. I’d never really done anything ‘solo’ before, I lacked friends and I rarely left the house, only for school and family activities. I guess I now say this was the trip that made me who I am today; confident, outgoing and of course, wanderlusting for more. During this trip, I visited family in Australia, Townsville – Northern Queensland to be specific. I flew via Dubai, which in itself was a challenge. I’d never visited an international airport outside of Europe before (except orlando, with my parents, when I was 7). Then on into Brisbane before ... read more

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