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Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 16th 2010

Today is a national holiday in China so I did not have to go to work. There was a dragon boat race at Stanley Beach on Hong Kong Island that we went to on our day off. A group of about 10 of us spent the day there and it was a really fun time. We walked around the area of Stanley and shopped around the outdoor markets. It was extremely humid today and very overcast. Tomorrow, I will be going to my second day of work. So far it is going O.K. My first day of work was kind of rough because I didn't get a good feel for the office or people working there. I have my own desk/work space which is in the reception area of the office. So far, I have been ... read more
business casual for my first day of work
sitting in the reception area waiting

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 13th 2010

This is my second full day here in Hong Kong. It is such a different world here but is absolutely amazing . I have been spending the past couple days getting adjusted, walking around the city, and meeting a lot of new friends in the program. I will start my internship on Tuesday! Today, I visited the building where I will be working. It is a glass high rise in the Central district on Hong Kong Island. The office is on the 16th floor. I am having such a great time here and am really looking forward to starting the internship and hanging out with all the great people here. Tomorrow the group is having some sort of scavenger hunt which should be really fun. Below is the address of the residence I am staying while ... read more
Boeing 747
view from my seat

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 8th 2010

It's two days before my departure to Hong Kong. I have been spending the last couple of weeks getting all the things I need for my trip including travel adapters, business clothes, business cards, and so much more. Today, I will start putting all these things into my large suitcases. My travel arrangement to Hong Kong consist of a flight from Phoenix to Los Angeles leaving Thursday at 10:10am. From LA, I will be getting on a 15+ hour flight to Taiwain and then getting on a 3-4 hr flight to Hong Kong. I will be arriving in Hong Kong at 11:30pm on June 11th. I am staying at a hotel, the Regal Oriental, on this night and will be checking into my residence for the summer, City University of Hong Kong Student Housing, on June ... read more

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