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June 8th 2010
Published: June 8th 2010
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It's two days before my departure to Hong Kong. I have been spending the last couple of weeks getting all the things I need for my trip including travel adapters, business clothes, business cards, and so much more. Today, I will start putting all these things into my large suitcases.

My travel arrangement to Hong Kong consist of a flight from Phoenix to Los Angeles leaving Thursday at 10:10am. From LA, I will be getting on a 15+ hour flight to Taiwain and then getting on a 3-4 hr flight to Hong Kong. I will be arriving in Hong Kong at 11:30pm on June 11th. I am staying at a hotel, the Regal Oriental, on this night and will be checking into my residence for the summer, City University of Hong Kong Student Housing, on June 12th.

I will keep you posted with how my travels go!


8th June 2010

I'm sad but happy
Liked your comments about your pre departure. I'm sad you're leaving but happy for the opportunity you are taking.
11th June 2010

I can't believe your actually gone! I missed your skype last night but I am hanging on my computer waiting for you! You must be so tired after your flight! I want to hear about it and Taiwan and your hotel in Hong Kong. Skype me! Love you! Mom
14th June 2010

Thanks for all the happy thoughts! I am having such a great time already. I have had the first few days to get adjusted and explore the city. I start my internship tomorrow (Tuesday). I am so excited and will let you know how it all goes. The food is definitely interesting. Lots of rice and noodles and some odd ingredients. The flavors are different so I never know what to expect out of each meal. I ordered sausage with my breakfast the other day and got 2 hot dogs! haha I am already missing American food.
14th June 2010

Dont be sad grammy! i plan on keeping in touch with you very often this summer. love you

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