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5th August 2010

The last hurrah
Gooly Am, it's come to an end so quickly! Thanks for the great blogs and stories and letting me share in the adventures. It appears you found some really wonderful traveling companions. I look forward to when you take me to Hong Kong! I look forward to seeing your smiling face in a couple of days! Happy Birthday Peaches!
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28th July 2010

10,000 buddhas
So you found the monastery! I did not go there before my 10th year in HK Good for you
28th July 2010

Now I understand ...
Wow, what a GREAT blog Am! I can now understand why you had no time to check-in . What wonderful times you're having and then to make so many new friends. You really provided a great 'picture' of what you're doing. Really a great story Peaches! I get the sense you are really going to miss being in HK. You are missed here so be sure to come home! Remember you still have college to finish! :o) I'm hoping you learned how to cookup some of those delicious dishes you've been tasting. Candidly Am, I think you could be a professional traveler and write travel logs. Continued safe travels Am! Love ya ... forever and a day! Dad
28th July 2010

Great entry and Pictures
Just loved those pictures. What fun you all were having! Grandma
19th July 2010

OMG. I am soooo jealous! You must be having the time of your life! I love u! Mom
19th July 2010

Yep, pretty amazing
How did you stay on your feet that long at a beer fest? Reads like you were all on some type of reality show with the Kardashians (or whoever those girls are)! Creating wonderful memories! Love ya ... Dad
11th July 2010

Great trip; great blog
Really enjoyed your 'blog' on your trip to the island. Looked like a beautiful day. Your travellog sure had a lot of great information. I've seen pictures of the 'Big Budda' before, yet you really brought it to life. Not sure I could have made the 250 stairs, but it looked to be very rewarding once you got to the top. Looks as though you are making lots of new friends from all over the world. You are truly a world travel. Keep having fun! Love ya ... Dad
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11th July 2010

On each adventure we go on, there is so much stuff I am learning about that it's impossible to remember it all. I come back from the events and try to write things down as soon as possible so I don't forget all the small but great things that I've experienced and learned!!!
From Blog: Lantau Island
10th July 2010

great entry
How do you remember all those details? Really enjoyed reading everything Love, Grandma
From Blog: Lantau Island
7th July 2010

Hey, it good to hear from you. Its amazing how much there is to do here. The program has sponsored and unsponsored events like expeditions of Hong Kong, Lantua Island and Macau and dinners, and other activities. There are also a lot of people in my program that are familiar with this area so they take us around to all the good restaurants and hot spots. I actually just got back from the horse races which is really big here. The MTR railway system and city buses can basically take you wherever you want to go in this city. And they are super clean and easy to use! Hope your summer is going good. Miss ya!
6th July 2010

Amber, You have having a great experience! Everything seems amazing! How do you know where to go in such a huge city? Does the program offer ideas? Are you restricted from doing anything? I am happy for you!
5th July 2010

Happy 4th
So glad you have a GREAT July 4th weekend! So pleased that the weeks are just getting better and better. Keep making it happen Peaches. Hoping you'll come home and cook up some of the wonderful meals you are experiencing there in HK. Miss you LOTS! Love ya ...
5th July 2010

I loved your comments. Sounds like a great weekend and sounds like you are making fun, lasting friendships. Keep the great pics coming! Love Mom and Ray
1st July 2010

Looks Amazing!
Wow Amber, I am truly jealous of you! All of the pictures look wonderful. Please take lots more! I miss you and I hope you are having such a great time. Live it up sugar!!!
29th June 2010

Love your blog
The city tour must have been awesome. Too bad for the rain but you are getting such an interesting variety of sight seeing. I love the pictures and all the colors. You are so fortunate to have met such fun people over there. Can't wait to see more......
28th June 2010

great blog
You describe things so vividly. Julie says Victoria Peak is great so hope you do make it back there. Thanks for keeping us informed with your blog. Love, Grandma
27th June 2010

Incredible building is right. Made me think of wearing a tux just to see the pictures. Hoping you didn't order too many of those outfits though! :o) So glad it was such an experience. Keep making it happen ... LY, Dad
27th June 2010

fashion show
I can feel your excitement and it makes me so excited for you. Thanks for sharing all that. Grandma
26th June 2010

I can't wait to hear about your fashion show experience! You must be having so much fun! I love you! MOM
21st June 2010

These are awesome pics. I'm living my dream through you, sweetie. This Blog was a fabulous idea. I love you! Mom
21st June 2010

Blue Skies
Hi Cutes ... hey, I actually saw some blue skies! Sure looked lile a really fun time! It's great they have tours and other excursions planned to get a 'feeling' of Hong Kong and its people. I look forward to you sharing your journal. Could be good information for more than a few college papers. And what a beautiful skyline, both during the days and the evenings. Keep having fun and learning. Safe travels!
20th June 2010

The climate here is so different. Its been between 80 and 85 degrees but the humidity is so high!! You can't be outside for more than a minutes without sweating terribly!!! We are trying to arrange a trip to either the mainland (Beijing or Shanghai) or the Philippines or Thailand. We already have a trip to Macau planned in a couple weekends! That should be a lot of fun. Macau is considered the bigger and greater than Vegas!
19th June 2010

Umber, Sounds like you are having fun! How is the climate? Any trips outside of Hong Kong planned?
18th June 2010

tea sitting
Be sure to tell us about your Dim Sum lunch and tea sitting. Sounds so interesting. Love, Grandma
18th June 2010

It's so fun to read your blog and see those pictures, and see that dragon boat. What fun that must be and the people in your pictures look like they are having a great time with you. You look great in your business casual! Thank you for sharing your time over there with your Grandpa and me. Lots of kisses from Grandma

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