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28th December 2009

That sounds like fun! Yummy too! God willing, maybe we can visit too.
27th December 2009

You will love it!!
Hi Israjan, so glad you enjoyed our blog. Angkor Wat will blow your mind!! It was definitely the highlight of our entire two-month jaunt through Asia. Have a great time!
27th December 2009

visit to Cambodia
I will be visiting Siem Reap with two of my friends middle of Jan 2010. Your photos are awsome ; your comments , helpful. Cant wait to be there; I am glad I chose Angkor Vat for this trip.
26th December 2009

Electric Kettles
Yes, I stand corrected on my comment about electric tea kettles. I guess I've just never seen one in anybody's home in the states, so I just assumed you couldn't get them there. Guess more people drink coffee than tea anyway. But good to know! That is a funny coincidence.
26th December 2009

Sea Lions
Really enjoyed the pictures of the sea lions-----seems they are not worried about you walking up to them. Cute!! Glad that you found a flat; sounds nice and I am sure you will be glad to have a place to your own after all these weeks. To answer your question, about an electric tea kettle: Yes, they do have them here. I have seen them in several stores. And actually, I was looking at one in Target the other day. How about that for a coincidence?? I continue to enjoy your blogs, pictures and personal e-mails about the brothers and congregation there. Stay well!!
24th December 2009

Your Travelogue
Amy - your writing and your photos are excellent! Thanks for sharing and allowing me to live vicariously through your amazing experiences! Regards, Paul
22nd December 2009

reading your journal is almost like being therei hope you are saving all these pages to make your own book..sure would be something to read years down the road..thanks for enjoying your stories. rayleen
21st December 2009

More beautiful pictures!!
Wow!! The pictures continue to be more and more beautiful!! Love that waterfall!! And I love that picture of the two of you----you both look really good and happy. I am sure that NZ will continue to agree with you. And yes, electric blankets are a wonderful invention. We had them when I was a kid and lived in Colorado. Stay warm and we will look forward to the next blog and pictures!!
20th December 2009

I am ready to move. Let me know if you find any advertising jobs. I am on my way.
19th December 2009

The scenery is just breathtaking! Kind a reminds me of areas back home for me in Colorado. Enjoy your wonderful experience on the other side of the globe. PS m30 is a gorgeous picture of you both!
18th December 2009

The pictures are unbelievable..... You two look great, so happy for you!!!
18th December 2009

Sounds like paradise.
Well guys its been a great experience reading and wishing that I was taking part in your journey. It has been truly inspirational. I hope that you get a little of summer. Here we seem to be stuck in summer, temps. close to 90 in the middle of December, go figure!
18th December 2009

I am really enjoying your posts. Pictures are beautiful!!
18th December 2009

Pictures are just gorgeous!! We are so jealous!! Don says we have to go to NZ, where he has always dreamed of going. So glad that you guys are living your dream, for now. Just a taste of the future!!
17th December 2009

Breathing again... FINALLY
After holding one's breath for two months straight, the blue color is finally yielding to a standard fleshy-pink. So happy you two have made your ultimate destination and are settling in. Even if it IS the farthest corner on the planet away from your family. (Is there a message in there somewhere?) :ยท Love you two! Dad.
17th December 2009

Yes Karim, the toilets flush counter clockwise here. One day if we're really bored, we'll get some bright dye and give it a flush and take a video, just to satisfy everyone's curiosity! :-)
16th December 2009

Your new home is gorgeous! JEALOUS!!! :o)
16th December 2009

toilets, Do they acctualy flush counter clockwise down there?!
15th December 2009

Aye!!!!! Miss You Both
I can't tell you how tlckled I am at reading finally some of these trip blogs. We think of you often and thank Jehovah that all is well. I forsee a #1 best seller . So let me know and I will manage things over here. Seriously. Life is still the same for us and family yet divided. Both you're folks are okay. take care and give a warm greeting to all you meet , Love ya.
15th December 2009

Hi Rayleen!! How did you find our blog? :-) So nice to hear from you! Everyone is doing great thanks!! I'll add your email to our subscriber list so we can keep in touch. How is everyone in your family? Haven't seen you guys in ages...
15th December 2009

you traveling abroad does not surprise me at al
hi amy wow what an adventure...a adventure of a lifetime..enjoy every second..i have enjoyed the pictures and your glad you are enjoying the world jehovah created for us..he did give us something to see..and with much enjoyment//just wanted to say hi rayleen hows your dad and mom...
12th December 2009

We opted for an automatic as neither of us can drive stick and trying to learn on windy mountain roads sounded a little scary. Glad to hear it will get easier! :-) Miss you guys! Hope you get to come visit us next year.
12th December 2009

About driving - you'll get used to the 'other' side of the road soon enough. I learned to drive a stick shift in Ireland and still want to shift with my left hand! Love your posts!
11th December 2009

New do's!!
Love the hair cuts!! You both look great and I know you feel better too. I love your blogs and pictures and all your adventures. Keep them coming. Hope all goes the way you want it to there in New Zealand. Will look forward to your continuing experiences.
11th December 2009

Response to Dave/anonymous
Hello, yes, I also am thrilled that the Khmer Rouge is thing of the past and that these people are no longer being killed or oppressed...with that said, however, I don't appreciate being exploited just because I'm a "rich" tourist and being followed around all day by kids screaming their lungs off at me for hours on end. There is no simple answer to it, and I didn't mean to sound condescending or disapproving in the blog. Merely stating observations and wishing the world could be a better and fairer place right now.

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