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17th May 2016
Just Chillin'

Love the pic.
Great picture of you "just chillin."
5th May 2016

Interesting contrast
I just visited Cambodia for the first time, and I'm quite taken by the place! I appreciated reading your perspective having gone before. Gotta love those trees! Nice pictures too.
27th August 2015

Such inspiring writing
Hi Amy, I just wanted to say I have been following your blog for the past few days and really loved your tales from India. Your writing is so evocative of the scenery and the experiences you've had. Thanks
30th July 2015

Beautiful scenes!
I could get used to $2 dinners, even with silverware of questionable cleanliness. Two words: disposable chopsticks. Can't wait to see and hear about India!
12th July 2015

Chicken and Mango?
A local, I've been to Melaka a million times and now only I know of this heavenly Chicken and Mango. Must try! Thanks for the info, lovely photos and all.
11th July 2015

Living Vicariously
Am loving following your guys must have cast-iron stomachs! This is probably the closest I will ever get to KL so keep the cards and letters coming!
25th June 2015

Tea garden
We are enjoying your blogs immensley. The Cameron highlands reminded me of our trip to Maui where we went through a beautiful lavender garden. So happy that all of your arrangements are falling into place. Found your service experiences fascinating and so happy you are meeting your brothers literally all over the world. Finding time to write, laying on couch after being kicked by Charlie, flown to Lawnwood and spending a week inTrauma icu. Fortunately most serious injury was jaw broken in 2 places and wired shut. Hope you both are feeling better and adjusting to climate. Be safe. Love, Heather
24th June 2015

Black Chicken
Black chickens are normally used for making tonic soups. Get Chinese medicinal herbs from a Chinese Medicine shop, add black chicken, double boil for a few hours. Voila, a cure for all your ailments!
From Blog: Malaysia 101
23rd June 2015

Your apartment is jaw droppingly beautiful! I absolutely love it. Glad you guys are finally moved in and adds a bit of serenity doesn't it?
From Blog: Malaysia 101
23rd June 2015

I'd say YOU HAVE NO IDEA...except I know you actually know what it's like. Accepting reservations for visitors anytime!! ;-)
From Blog: Malaysia 101
21st June 2015

As a local I always find it refreshing to read of Malaysia from another's perspective. Never realise Food is our national religion (true, now that you mention it!), and a mall here (1Utama) can have 157 restaurants! More so because many of us locals are often, believe it or not, at a loss at where to eat! The photos, especially of the Twin Towers, are all beautifully taken but by way of an excuse to share information that will impact on your stay in Malaysia, allow me to comment on one of the photos: the one with a supposed local.He is almost certainly not a local. His appearance, demeanour and attire seem more like a South Asian Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi. Not surprising though because Malaysia is a magnet for foreigners - foreign workers to be exact, the highest number in Asia if not the world. Excluding long-stay visitors (mostly Arabs) and expatriates (all nationalities, mostly western) who by definition are in white collar jobs, the country has 2.5 million documented and estimated 4 million undocumented foreign workers (mostly Indonesians and Bangladeshis) all in manual/menial/blue-collar jobs shunned by the locals. Imagine total 6.5 million foreign workers in a population of 30 million and labour force of 13.5 million. This means foreign workers form nearly 50% of the labour force, in jobs most of us, expatriates and locals, will usually meet and interface with daily. The cashier at mini-market, the security guards at housing area, the waiters at restaurants, the attendants at gas station, the guys who sweep the roads or take out the garbage or deliver the furniture ordered or repair the plumbing, those who broke into your house (so the locals say)...the list goes on. Therefore if anyone in Malaysia stares at you, or takes a photo of you, or requests for a photo together, or can't understand your question and can't answer you even in broken English you can bet he/she is a foreign worker. Welcome to Malaysia - be cool (if that's possible in this climate), take it easy and hope you have an enjoyable time and stay here!
21st June 2015

Thanks for the clarification and the extra information! Obviously we've had only been here for a few weeks and we're going to guess some things wrong (like this man's identify). Malaysia is certainly one of the most diverse places we've ever been. We're loving it so far!
21st June 2015

Thanks for the clarification and the extra information! Obviously we've had only been here for a few weeks and we're going to guess some things wrong (like this man's identify). Malaysia is certainly one of the most diverse places we've ever been. We're loving it so far!
13th June 2015

Keep talking...
The more Brent and I read, the more we're like, "We wanna go there!" The ONLY thing that's making us stop is the heat! But wow it sounds like an amazing place to visit. We need to start looking at airfare....
9th June 2015

Your pictures are amazing! Love the place, I think Brent wants to visit now lol. Ecuador locals view anyonr foreign the same way = $$. Robberies are by far the biggest crimes committed around here. We recently had one of our pioneers robbed at knifepoint in front of the kingdom hall a couple weeks ago, and another pioneer was recording a return visit on his phone when a motorcylclist zooms by and swipes it right from his hands!! Anyways, lots of love to you and Jeremy!
2nd June 2015

Congratulations on making it all happen for you! It's our first blue sky day in CO in a long time, sitting outside work and having lunch while reading your blog. I've read them all and enjoyed them so much!
2nd June 2015

happy you made it safe
l love the blogs and hey send me you address when you get one and I'll send up some tp
2nd June 2015

Hope you been able to rest up and adjust. I have friends in Taipei, Taiwan serving in English if you ever head there on one of your vacas. I can send you their contact info should you ever need it. :) have fun!
2nd June 2015

Well done
Super proud of you guys for throwing yourselves out there. Many blessings will follow!
2nd June 2015

Hahaha! You may use French after all! 😉 also that apartment looks amazing!
29th May 2015

aiport waiting
Ugh! That's a long time to sit and wait for a rescheduled flight. Nice you had stuff to keep you occupied :-) hope you're enjoying New York.
14th May 2015

Farewell dear friends
It is the blessing of Jehovah that makes one rich, And He adds no pain with it.... You have sacrificed and worked hard to go on this spiritual adventure... Keep putting Jehovahs Kingdom first and he will take care of you.. We're very proud of you... love you, Laurie
6th May 2015

Have fun!!
Can totally TOTALLY relate to the feelings you had when first going back home. You come back and your first instinct is to jump on a plane, to, well, wherever! So happy for you and Jeremy and soooo looking forward to following you guys (and Hungry!) in your new adventures. --Sarah & Brent
From Blog: New Beginnings
5th May 2015

Best Wishes from Ecuador!
Amy and Jeremy, we are so happy for you both to be heading into this wonderful adventure in Malaysia. We will be anxiously waiting to hear more of you news! We know Jehovah will bless your efforts! Love, Kelley, Damon, and Aidan in Cuenca, Ecuador
From Blog: New Beginnings
5th May 2015

We look forward to the photos and the story lines which go with them.
How wonderful to see you folks in motion again. Somehow I could never bring myself around to deleting your blog address. Sure glad I didn't. We all look forward to following your new adventure. Jeremy, well done with the school business. Amy, you are a wonderful writer and you'll find ways to capitalize on that ability. All the very best wishes for your next phase. cheers, Joe
From Blog: New Beginnings

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