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13th October 2010

Dude: Get in Touch!
Hey Adam. I was telling another JLL brother about your exploits, and was wondering how you're doing. Send me an email with a 2-sentence update. Mike
29th June 2010

Looks like you all had a blast. Thanks for the updates. I love hearing about the amazing adventures. cheers!
28th June 2010

Got The Travel Bug
Adam, Had a delightful visit with your mom when she was recently in STL. It goes without saying the Reese parents had a great time with their ex-pat son in KL and beyond. Wish Uncle Jim and I could make the trip before you depart for good. If I retire this year maybe we can. Love, "Aunt" Karen
28th June 2010

Thanks for the updates
MaryBeth loved all the info. what a real trooper for our age. Great seeing you in St. Louis and loved viewing the pics.
14th May 2010

Nice jersey
19th February 2010

Dude, You never cease to amaze me. 10% of the world? That rocks, as do the rock formations. You should really try the party barge. Katy
18th February 2010

Enjoyed Maya Bay and "Splash"!! Will try and watch all of them - thanks for the update!! sally xo
17th February 2010

oh yeah that last comment was from me, renee max maybe I should learn how to use the world wide web and internet before I travel out of 'Merica
17th February 2010

down hill bike crashes, pretty Phi Phi, fire jump rope, $15 a night for the 3 C's, party boats??? I need to get my ace out there!
15th February 2010

Of course the picture I am most excited about is to see Dairy Queen exists on the other side of the world :) Right now in STL it's 20 degrees and snowing.
5th February 2010

New Year Adventure
Adam, Great way to start 2010 in what appears to be an exotic and people friendly location. Just a fantastic get away. Loved seeing a Kansas boy "shucking" corn. Sent your blog on to Kurt who is smack in the heart of the Midlands UK bored out of his gourd although he spent New Years in Dublin. Unlike you he doesn't like traveling on his own which is a real shame. Keep the blogs coming we really enjoy sharing your adventures. Love, Aunt Karen
From Blog: Lake Toba
5th February 2010

Toba !!
Hehehe it's not the lake Tabo :) it's Toba :D
From Blog: Lake Toba
4th February 2010

I love how you meet people!
I love your sense of adventure. \I would not handle not knowing how to get somewhere. and your stories of meeting the locals and going to their home was awesome. very cool to help with the corn shuchking so proud love your mama
From Blog: Lake Toba
4th February 2010

I love that you are seeing and experiencing all of this. Enjoy every minute of it. I can't wait to hear more stories in person! Love and miss ya, Laura
From Blog: Lake Toba
4th February 2010

Hi Adam! Thank you for sharing your travel journal with photos !!! Seriously - you are a very good writer - and I almost feel like I've been there when I've finished reading your lively description of everything !!! And your photos are VERY GOOD as well!!!! You are looking well, Adam - your overseas experience must be agreeing with you- and I think it is great that you are taking advantage of your location to travel and see unusual sites!! Thanks again - and take good care as you have an adventure on a daily basis! love from your 2nd mom! Sally
From Blog: Lake Toba
4th February 2010

great trip
a great story. I wish I had the testicles to go a trip like that by myself. Love reading your stories. best of luck, jim
From Blog: Lake Toba
4th February 2010

I read your blog first thing when I got to work this morning. It was a great way to start my day! I love all the pictures.
From Blog: Lake Toba
4th February 2010

How much longer are you gonna stay over there? S. Africa this summer if you wanna join. :)
From Blog: Lake Toba
28th January 2010

Fantastic pics of Cameron Highlands. Loved the one of insects, etc. And, great greenhouse shots.
27th January 2010

Nice pics, Adam. Except for the bugs on the last page....I didn't like those as well. :) And...are you peeing on the strawberry patches?? For shame! Hope all is well with you. xoxo Kate
16th December 2009

Dang that coconut curry looks good
I am living vicariously through you...keep the great pics and stories coming!
2nd December 2009

Great Commentary
Adam, You are becoming quite the prolific travel writer. Enjoyed the narrative and pictures especially Angkor Wat. Understand you will return home for the use of good plumbing over the holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! "Aunt" Karen
30th November 2009

Just checking on you!!!
Met your Mom in a Bookstore in KC. Sounds great . Look forward to reading more!
30th November 2009

Hi Adam, thanks for the postings and pictures, I enjoy reading them, and learning about the otherside of the world from you. Regards, Adam
19th October 2009

Great Travel Blog!
Adam, You' re not in Kansas any more Toto. If you thought Vietnam and Cambodia were great, you are going to love Thailand! Watch those stange hands in your pockets. Uncle Jimmy has a story to tell about a similar encounter in Portugal. Love, Aunt Karen

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