May 3rd 2014
Published: May 3rd 2014
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We wake up early today and do another bike ride. We meet more of the local people and see the sights. We then eat breakfast and the Shelly and I do a canoe trip since she missed the one last night. Once we get back, we shower and pack and then wait for our houseboat. It arrives around 12:15. The boat has 2 bedrooms and the staff.

It takes off down the river and we cruise for about an hour, then they pull over to the side and they serve us lunch. After lunch we both lay down out on the main area (covered but open air) and take a quick nap, well mine is quick. I am up again before the boat starts moving. We continue on for several hours. We see a lot of houseboats on the river but we get to a main lake and there are 100s of them. We actually see the NY folks on their boat. We continue on until about 6pm when they tie up again for the night. While dinner is being prepared Shelly and I walk into the little village nearby. We come back to the boat for dinner and then sit on the front area and drink some beers for a bit. They’ve enclosed the open air portion with mosquito nets. They also turn on the AC in the room, which is a very good thing as the bedroom was really hot.

no pictures as I don't have a plug where I can recharge. If I find one, I'll post pictures in another entry.


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