Taking it easy around Tian Chi Lake, near Urumuqi

July 17th 2013
Published: July 17th 2013
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Voici quelques photos d’un joli lac à 2 heures d’Urumuqi. Nous avons passé la journée avec Becky et sa maman à nous promener dans ca parc national (qui s’appelle Tian Chi). C’était très beau avec des montagnes enneigées au loin, un lac très bleu, et de l’air pur a 3000m d’altitude. AU programme : vallées fleuries, rivières, chutes d’eau et marche en foret. C’était comme vous pouvez le deviner très reposant. Becky en avait besoin car elle travaille dur a Pékin, et sa maman aussi car elle était aux petits soins pendant cette semaine à cuisiner en permanence pour nous. Et puis de mon coté, j’ai reposé mes fesses endolories après toutes ces semaines sur le vélo… J’espère que vous apprécierez les photos. Le Xinjiang offre une multitude de paysages tres varies mais plus jolis les uns que les autres. Apres le desert et les vignes, nous voici en montagne. Je pars pour le sud ouest du Xinjiang. Il me reste 1500km a parcourir avant d'atteindre Kashgar pres du Tajikistan et du Pakistan. Souhaitez-moi bon courage! Bises et a bientôt !

Becky decided to take me to Tian Chi Lake, a popular spot 2 hours away from Urumuqi. We took a bus and then a minivan to reach the National Park. There were all kinds of tourists there from all around China. Xinjiang attracts more and more travelers these days. The scenery is very pleasant; there are fewer tourists than in Yunnan or Guangxi provinces but the infrastructures are very well-developed and the food tastes great (you know how important food is for Chinese folks?!).

Tian Chi Lake is huge and absolutely beautiful. It is nestled in the Tian Shan Mountains and is surrounded by snow caps and dense forests. We arrived in the morning and spent the day walking around, up and down, following the rivers and admiring big waterfalls. Becky’s Mom came too and she was happy to get out of the city. She walked fast and was always ahead of us. I teased her about her walking as if it was a competition. The following morning over breakfast she couldn’t help but mention how sore her legs were :-)

The lake is actually very blue but it really depends on the sky and sunshine. It gets bluer when it’s not so cloudy. Unfortunately for us clouds showed up in the afternoon. We all relaxed and took it easy. Becky works a lot in Beijing. Like most Chinese people she works overtime all the time and often takes work home with her. This holiday was a chance for her to free her mind for a few days. I know she’s been stressed knowing me on the road, far away. I did leave her alone in Beijing and it’s difficult. Her Mom also needed a break from working and cooking for us every single day. She was a great host but I’m sure she felt relieved when we left Urumuqi so that she could kick back a bit and stop worrying about Becky and me. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Additional photos below
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Hello Tian Chi! Hello Tian Chi!
Hello Tian Chi!

Chinese tourists enjoying a picnic next to the lake. Where is the lake??!!
Daughter and Mom together againDaughter and Mom together again
Daughter and Mom together again

Becky works in Beijing so she doesn't get to go home very often
nice colors at Tian Chinice colors at Tian Chi
nice colors at Tian Chi

in the Tian Shan Mountains. in Chinese Shan = mountains.
us and the flowersus and the flowers
us and the flowers

I am definitely becoming Chinese: my body gestures, my eyes... :-)

18th July 2013

On your way from Dunhuang to Urumqi...
did you notice that the high speed railway was almost completed? Once it is, a person can travel from Beijing to Urumqi in 14 hours. Hopefully, Becky can visit her mom more often.

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