Anything Goes....

May 29th 2011
Published: May 29th 2011
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What folk fit on a motorbike (or a cycle or a tuk-tuk) in South East Asia is nobody's business! Health and Safety - they've never heard of it. It's one of the reasons why I love it here so much - a triumph of improvisation and innovation, a kind of 'can do' spirit, and an abundance of 'joie de vivre'.

The tide of cyclists, motorbikes and scooters is overwhelming, darting around cars, weaving amongst pedestrians and hand-cart pushers, it's a continuous flow, never stopping, a sometimes slightly slower stream of mayhem. Families of four squash onto motorbikes, tiny babies cradled in arms, toddlers standing gripping dad's shoulders, or mum's hands clasped loosely around a child's waist. They wobble, but never falter. Men and women leave markets, shopping piled high on cross-bars and fenders. Bunches of flapping, squawking chickens, dangling head down, tied by their feet to handlebars and baggage racks. Motorbikes carrying furniture, lumber, ladders, trees, pigs, sacks, and boxes. Nothing is too large or cumbersome to fit onto a motorbike. Anything goes!

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29th May 2011

Two wheels - will travel
Great sequence of photos. Hilarious and horrifying

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