My Motorbike tour through remote Vietnam

March 15th 2010
Published: March 21st 2010
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Picture 003Picture 003Picture 003

Random house on the way to Da Lat
After I moved from Mai Ne I decided to go to Da Lat which was inland and into the mountains, this was a side step but I was motivated to go there as the scenery was meant to be beautiful and.... I had found some great red wine for $3 a bottle so I thought I would go get some from the source!! The ride was the bumpiest ride of my life as we took the OLD road which was 70km shorter... how fun.. I love my Ipod on trips like this!!

Da Lat was so nice and cool and very european. I met a few people and after thinking about taking an easy rider tour (motorbike tour) for a while I ran into 2 girls who had just booked for three days so i decided to join them. The trip was absolutely amazing for experiencing the true Vietnamese culture and how they all make a living. We visited so many different areas and learnt how they made rice, rice wine, cashew nuts, rice paper rolls, we ate at many local restaurants and lots of children ran out to wave at us as many had never seen westerners before!
Easy RidersEasy RidersEasy Riders

This is Tu my driver... he started every morning saying, free air con with me... much much free just for you. Then after we had a break he would sing "hey is it me your lookin for" as he handed my helmet to me. Our packs were strapped to the back

I have put a lots of comments on each picture as It helps me to remember the journey better. My highlights were the waterfalls and the children who would surround us when we got off the bikes... Also the 2 Swedish girls screaming thier lungs out when they found 2 frogs, many cicadas and a lizard in their room. I was the dedicated bug catcher. I have never laughed so hard at how scared they were, which was awful but very funny!

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I common occurrence on our trip
Making MaterialMaking Material
Making Material

They pull the leavers to make different patterns in the fabric

I wish I could buy some but I really had no use for it
Local LunchLocal Lunch
Local Lunch

These ladies were so funny, they loved our blue eyes and were very happy to have us for lunch. They are making rice omelets which we ate with lettuce carrot and chilly fish sauce. The Vietnamese can sit like this for hours.
This lady kept yelling while we were eating ,unch and forcing us to eat more. This lady kept yelling while we were eating ,unch and forcing us to eat more.
This lady kept yelling while we were eating ,unch and forcing us to eat more.

She notice I was only eating cos lettuce and picking the other kinds out so she did the same and brought me a large bowl of cos lettuce to eat,
Their HouseTheir House
Their House

The Vietnamese run everything out of their house, so even at a service station you will find a bed and kitchen out the back. When you need to use the toilet you are going into their home to use their toilet
Lovely LadiesLovely Ladies
Lovely Ladies

We were in a very remote part of the trip and these ladies stopped to watch me take photos. When I took their photo they were all laughing

22nd March 2010

Have just been looking at all your photos - they are fantastic and such a great way to keep track of what you are up to. Love the photos of the children, they are so cute. I guess they had never seen a camera before or photos of themselves. Am wondering what the temp is like - doesnt look too hot which will be a relief after the heat in Thailand. Have you had a funny tummy at all? The food sounds yum.

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