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March 17th 2010
Published: April 24th 2010
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Many appologies for such a late entry....

Although I left Vietnam over a week and a half ago.. much of my memory from my activities are still clear... drinking lots of alcohol. lol

Starting the night we arrived in Nha Trang, many 241 vodkas and buckets were drunk at the two main bars in town. This part of the trip was great as I kept running into the people I had met in southern Vietnam plus new ones. Nha Trang was a great way to soak up sun and recover during the day at an awesome beach with lounge chairs and people selling everything you could possibly think of! After a few severe hangovers we took our first night bus 13 hours up to Hoi An home of the best tailors around!

It was a very expensive stop as Mia, Ericka and I went on a rampage through town to make dresses, jackets, shorts tops and shoes. I have not regretted any of my purchases so far and am sorry to say we ran out of time before I took any photos of my new clothes! Many more nights drinking at the local beach club til early hours and dragging ourselves around getting re-fitted was my only activities, hence no photos really!. Hoi An is such a beautiful relaxed city by night and i highly recommend anyone wanting new wardrobe to visit!!

From here I went all the way up to Hanoi in the north to visit the much talked about Halong Bay... which i have not alot of comments on as it was full of rubbish and cold weather.. but I enjoyed the cooler temperature and enjoying two solid nights of partying and sleeping in a beach hut with some crazy Canadians... lots of fun!!! Also went rock climbing for the first time which was great!

I spent a while catching up with people in Hanoi and started to get sick and once the bed bugs had a good chomping on me(it had to happen).. decided to treat myself to a 6am flight rather than 30hour bus journey.. down to south of Vietnam. then took a 6 hour bus the same day to get to Cambodia.

the photos are an assortment from the trip[!... but unfortunatley I am having issues with my USB card!!!


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