From Raj to Riches

January 27th 2010
Published: January 27th 2010
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Room with a viewRoom with a viewRoom with a view

Vicky surveys her kingdom from her palace - The Haveli Guesthouse
Having left the capital behind it was time to get localised in deepest Rajasthan...

It was great to escape the city and the fog and get out into the desert sun, first stop Jodhpur, a 14 hour train journey south west of Delhi. We were greeted with ornate tuc tucs, camels, rickshaws and motorbikes to take us to the market square, centralised with a clock tower that looked like something from Back to the future 3. The markets were rife with traditional colourful Rajasthani dress - pinks, yellows, reds, blues, all signifying a womens position in society and marital status. Spices were all around the winding alleys,as well as the sacred cows, wild dogs, hens, craftmakers, and the odd chopped in half rodent, but all a little more civilised and controlled then the craze of the Pahar Ganj area of Delhi. Eclipsing the city was the great red fort dominating the skyline and providing a great vantage point to look over the blue city (buildings covered in bright blue paint below in the steep alleyways with kids playing cricket and woman out washing their laundry for the day...).The rooftops were definately the way forward to appreciate the vast urban
The Omlette ManThe Omlette ManThe Omlette Man

Apparently he gets through 2000 eggs a day!
sprawl and receive some calm from the chaos below. Each rooftop restaurant provided the usual drink and curry selection but all totheir own unique culinery expertise - each restaurant trying to outdo each other as the tallest in the city.

Next stop on the Rajasthan circuit was Udaipur, a romantic city set around a beautiful lake complete with islands hosting a floating Palace. The city had lots of charm with with perfect backdrop to watch the sunset over the hills. Palaces,temples,winding markets were the theme here with many centuries old whitewashed buildings, many artist schools encouraged to sell paintings,as well as numerous screenings of Octopussy. Women washed laundry in the lake as well as numerous burning ghats were set off at night as many religious Hindu funeral rituals took place.

Our final destination in Rajasthan was the pink city of Jaipur - a familiar destination on the golden triangle circuit. Here we encountered our first major sighting of monkeys as they jumped from rooftop torooftop,as well as hanging around one of the temples set high up on the rocky cliffface. Kids flew kites in the evening sun,and the bazaars were fullof jewellery makers.Palaces and buildings laid out different
The Blue City of JodhpurThe Blue City of JodhpurThe Blue City of Jodhpur

(not the home of Everton FC)
shades of pink,dependent on their age and preservation. Poverty was once again more intense here, and tauts were everywhere looking for the next rupee. With somuch ground covered we have managed to use almostevery transport known toman - buses,trains,boats,tuc tucs,taxis,cycle rickshaws and even 3's up on a motorbike. Next destination Ranthombore National Park to up close and personal with some of India's finest wildlife...

Additional photos below
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The sacred temple in UdaipurThe sacred temple in Udaipur
The sacred temple in Udaipur

Famous for people nicking your trainers!!!!
Slumming it in UdaipurSlumming it in Udaipur
Slumming it in Udaipur

Sun setting over the lake and mountains - not a bad way to spend a monday afternoon

29th January 2010

Gorgeous pics
It looks beautiful - you must be having an amazing time. Where to next? No baby yet, will keep you posted.... xxx
2nd February 2010

"Hey lady, you call him Dr Jones."
Word to your self-discovering, sweaty pitted, over-sweft Islamistani hairpieces. Great pictorials guys, looks like you're living in Large (or should I say Raj?, no i probably shouldn't) We need some more editorial though people, I really need to get inside India, what makes her tick? What's the latest fashions, economic growth, political climate, have you seen a Starbucks, etc News from england is Andy Murray lost to the Fed in the Aussie Open final, John Terry has been scoring away from home (and i'm not talking about his header at Burnley), we've come out of the recession - your house is now worth £7.23p more than it was when you left, Gordon Brown has.......wait a minute........i'm sure he's done something......nope, and Alex Reid (who?) won Celebrity Big Brother. See what your missing? Keep enjoying and keep the updates coming.....You cheat very big. Dr Jones, you cheat. You pay money. You owe me 10 cents!"
5th February 2010

Who is this?
I'm guessing NJ... More photos will be updated soon. Bet you can't wait for the title of the next batch. Unfortunately the internet and downloading pictures is as quick as their table service, I may be able to get more up soon. Off to Nepal tomorrow...laters. ps I have some John Terry email jokes which sounds like he's been busy with Wayne Bridge's wife??

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