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January 20th 2010
Published: January 20th 2010
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Welcome to DelhiWelcome to DelhiWelcome to Delhi

After a nice relaxing flight, a nice calm transfer to the hotel was to greet us
nothing can prepare you for this....

As per request I thought I would add a few words on our experiences. Arrival in Delhi, the term thrown in at the deep end is none more true then our first experience of India. Getting through the hoards of touts and taxi-drivers at Delhi airport is the first step, then you have to deal with the roads. AS we drove through the development of New Delhi, where buildings, roads and general infrastructure is springing up all over the place. Child labour all around, a whole family working on constructing a roundabout, cattle drawn, donkey drawn carts pulling tonnes of cement and bricks, tuc tucs, rickshaw drivers, motorbikes, industrial trucks, buses, coaches, taxis, cyclists are all on the roads, with no lanes to speak of, everyone vying to get to their destination as quickly as possible. To do this you have to beep your horn incessently and swerve in and out of the various modes of transport and animals that litter the road, all this in the thick fog. We then arrive in Pahar Ganj, monkeys jumping from building, market sellers in the worn filthy streets and alleys. Cables hanging loose overhead, too many
The delights of Pahar GanjThe delights of Pahar GanjThe delights of Pahar Ganj

The mental backstreets near our hotel...
tuc tucs and rickshaws to manouvre past. Shopkeepers and touts coming out of their shops to catch the morning tourist and flog them any bit of tut they can or sell them a rickshaw ride or flog them a package tour around India. However the place has so much character, smells, sights, sounds it is hard to take it all in in such an alien environment. Dodging the roaming cows, the fresh veg, the cables, the crumbling alleys, the stray dogs, the cow shit, the stench of urine, but also wanting to look at the characters going about their business selling handcrafted goods, fresh market produce and smelling the spices through the markets.

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Why your on hold to the Indian call centresWhy your on hold to the Indian call centres
Why your on hold to the Indian call centres

Ricky - can btl sort this lot out???
Vics uncleVics uncle
Vics uncle

Our tour guide for Delhi...much needed

20th January 2010

Lucky you
I am so so jealous....enjoy
20th January 2010

Oh my GOD!!!
The back streets look scary......but the mosque looks lovely. Been thinking about you loads. Make sure you look after yourselves. xxxx
20th January 2010

Love the pics...the Pahar Ganj looks like some London markets on a saturday....look forwards to your next blog xx
20th January 2010

Good luck!
Long way from Pret a Manger you two!! Great pictures, looking forward to millions more. Marice..xx
21st January 2010

Hi guys looks amazing! Well done for getting communications up and running so quickly, i like it! Is it quite chilly there? You both have coats on! We are good here, baby's head is engaged now so she could arrive any time! Lots of love Kirsty Jeremy and Bump xxxx
24th January 2010

One week gone
Good to get your pics, but it looks cold. Keep enjoying yourselves. Where next? Get my address right next time!
25th January 2010

Hiya, I managed to get on and have a look. It looks mad. Glad you are OK though and can't wait to see more pics and stories. love you lots Claudi xxx
29th January 2010

Your face in the cab
Mr Burgundy are you trying to keep the delhi belly within? Top tip: Always tuck your trousers into the socks, this prevents any spillage over long dirty and sweaty bus journeys.
9th February 2010

Nice blurb!
Hey guys, like the description it brings Delhi to life along with the photos! Sounds crazy. Hope you are safely in Nepal and enjoying maybe a more peaceful environment? Xxx

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