Pune... happy christmas!

December 26th 2009
Published: December 26th 2009
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beautiful sunset beautiful sunset beautiful sunset

we watched the sunset from the top of the 'o hotel' on christmas day having spent the entire day by the rooftop pool. a fabulous christmas!
well i was wrong about Pune!!
It is great here.. i have been biten by some weird bugs which i reckon probably came from the bed Charlie and i are sleeping in .. which is disgustingly dirty (even though i am sleeping in my lovely silk sleeping bag liner!!) still.. it is grose!!
however we have had a lovely christmas in Pune. We decided to splash out and paid about 6 pounds each to spend the day at a very posh hotel at their roof top pool.. it was gorgeous.. a luxury i think i won't be seeing again for some time! We have eaten delicious food and the people who we have met here are very nice (the tourists are mainly here to visit the Osho Centre.. which we aren't going to as it is too expensive but the Indians we have met are lovely!)
we are now about to board a train to Goa.. a 14hour train ride to Goa!! (we were VERY lucky to get a ticket although we are in the lowest class cabin with no a/c which should be interesting! )

So.. Merry Christmas everyone.
I've managed to put up some photos too..

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Christmas by the pool!Christmas by the pool!
Christmas by the pool!

It was gorgeous here.. and yes that is a santa hat i am wearing! (Charlie bought it for me for Christmas!! .. they are sold everywhere here! .. as well as santa face masks which are a little scary!)
the streets of Pune the streets of Pune
the streets of Pune

This is a little back street right by where we are staying.
ha ha ha ha
ha ha

i promise we didn't go into macdonalds.. couldn't miss the photo op though!

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