December 24th 2009
Published: December 24th 2009
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on the train!on the train!on the train!

loved sitting in the door of the train watching the world go by..
Wow.. the train ride to pune was amazing.. we hung out the doors and had the wind in our faces which was amazing (until somthing wet spattered onto my face.. i dread to think what it was but i then decided i'd go back to my seat!!!) but pune itself is not the nicest of places.. to be fair we have only been here breifly but doesn't seem like a lot to do.. although there is the Osho meditation centre (i think the founder advocated sex as a way to enlightenment.. don't worry mum charlie and i are not going there!!)
i have just done the most amazing train ticket buying.. the man behind the counter was loving me as i shoved out all the indian people in order to shove my piece of paper in his face!!.. we did get our ticket though so that was a result!
our bedroom is definately not the luxury that we had in mumbai.. this place was found after much tuk tuk driving at high speed (narrowly missing a huge lorry) last night in the dark.. it is a large room with a communal bathroom (squat loo.. no paper.. very basic shower) but was
fighting for a train ticket! fighting for a train ticket! fighting for a train ticket!

I was in my element fighting for a ticket at Pune train station!! .. i am right at the front nudging the locals out the way with my elbows!!
only 500R... amazing since every where else was 1000... just goes to show that patience and persistence pays off! (i think in the end the tuk tuk driver found this for us because he just wanted to get rid of us!!)
so. happy to say we have our ticket.. i had a delicious indian breakfast...my tummy is till good (yay.. amazing after the recent problems!) but we are loving our adventure..
there still doesn't seem to be many tourists.. i think they are ALL in Goa.. i'll let you know when we get there on the 26th.
looks like christmas day will be in pune ..
happy christmas everyone.
i will try to put up a photo later but we are in some sweaty cafe and i don't have the right cable!

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pav baji pav baji
pav baji

OH MY GOD.. these are delicious.. bought off the street and an absolute favourite of mine now!! .. charlie bought this one for me whilst we pulled into a train station.. they practically throw them at you as the train pulls away!

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