My birthday and my 2nd birthday

December 7th 2009
Published: December 8th 2009
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We told the driver that we wanted to get off in arambol and he said no you have to get off somewhere else..i think the nearest place, he is aware of this but we don get off till a lot later when we realise we are slowly going more and more south in goa..must have been the hash pipe that was smoked every few hours whilst driving a full coach for 14 hours and he just forgot that russ had asked every half hour when our stop was! two other fellow travelers an english lad and a German girl made the same mistake and we all got off together, had some breakky and then had the English guy haggel down a taxi driver to get us all to arambol.
The drive was beautiful and we went through loads of little villages with palm trees and not as much rubbish and actual houses built with bricks painted bright pinks and purples, we then went over a bridge that went over a big winding river edged by lush green forests, palm trees and boats floating peacefully and then pulled up outside a place that these guys wanted to stay and we hopped out and went to check out the nearest guest house to find out the prices. The first place we walked into was pretty decent and only 300 rupees ( 3.50) a night, with shower, toilet window balcony and nice neighbours and literally a stones through from the most beautiful beach. I had to have a nap as we hadn really slept for a few days and I wanted to have a night of fun for my b-day, so napped for a few hours then went straight to the beach and had a swim, my god its sooo beautiful! The sea is warm but cool enough to cool you and the sand is white and the beach is lined with palm trees and cafes. At night all the cafes put tables out onto the beach with candles and me and russ settled down on one to have some cocktails...not the best thing I have ever drunk, but wahooo birthday!
We had a few more drinks but we were both sooo absolutly and completly exhausted that we were in bed my half ten so on the 29th we had my next birthday! I went shopping, buying tops and dresses until my hearts content and I went home and russ had brought us some chocolate and banana cake put candles in them and went to the local mexican cafe a persuaded them to let him have take away Pinacoladas. wahooo, then had a lush dinnner and after getting a flyer earlier on the beach from a dreaded man saying some reggae, ska, rock band was playing in a place called orange sky down the beach, we set off.
It was a 20 min walk along the never ending beach in the pitch black and the doggies were following us and others barking madly! found this place and watched the band, it was pretty good, but made even better by the absolute nuts who were dancing, some girl that we walked there with said it was like being in a mental house..I agree! Theres alot of share the love, feel the music, love your body type of old hippies who never left 30 years ago and some of them were dancing, we at first thought they we on something but after seeing them several evenings in a row doing the same dancing then sitting down and chatting we realised they were just odd! The worry thing was that the maddest of them happens to be called..Alicia, sign of things to come!
I got my hair drealocked the next day. I have been thinking about it for years and never had the guts to do it but now its the best thing i have ever done, i haven washed my hair in a week! It took 10 hours over 2 days and it was like being tortured, but whilst i went through this agony Russ had a nice little cruise on a moped! It cost him 200 rupees for the whole day, about 2.50 quid...this place is fab! more from russter soon, love to all, thanks for comments and messages love hearing from you all xxx

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10th December 2009

haha, keep these coming liss, they're priceless!
10th December 2009

Oh Wow!! you have dreadlocks! I bet you loook fab lis and it won't be long till Russ gets his back too im guessing?! I love reading all about your adventures and it really does sound like a huge amazing, learning experience. Defs a birthday you won't forget aswell. Love to you both xxx
12th December 2009

Im so jealous! you guys sound like your loving it, I want a beach in my life!!! Glad your safe and having an amazing time. Keep writing because i love to read it! Miss you crazy kids Lolly xxx
22nd December 2009

hee hee i love russ russ vest top and the water looks lovely grummble grumble soooooo jealous!!!

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