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December 12th 2009
Published: December 12th 2009
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So while Alicia was going through 10 hours of pain i thought i would hire a scooter and go for a leisurely ride around a few different beaches and just generally explore whats around us. Indian roads are definately not for the faint hearted, especially in the large cities, but out here in north Goa its pretty relaxed by indian terms. That doesnt mean to say that there are not loads of potholes to navigate or cows, chickens, dogs and cats that suddenly run into the road to dodge and crazy indian drivers beeping there horns, overtaking on the wrong side of the road on corners and carrying massive loads like wardrobes or other furniture on there little scooters. After a while you start to get used to it and realise that beeping of your horn can mean anything from letting people out, watch out im coming round you or your chest of drawers have fallen off! Aside from all the chaos, i had a really good day. The scenery round here is beautiful. All the beaches are lined with rows of palm trees and occasional shacks. Come in land slightly and you can see lots of people working on the farm land and there is lots of beautiful rivers. I even had time to pop back to Lis a few times and check on the process of her dreddies (looking good!!), i remember telling her how much mine hurt to get done and her telling me im a wuss so it was quiet funny seeing her red faced and angry. Apparently one of the guys doing it was a bit of a novice and he kept doing it wrong and was really hurting her so i think he caught the brunt of her anger. Poor guy!
So most days we wake up at about 10, walk about 2 mins to get breakfast then head down to the beach, go in the sea and soak up the sun and then have a huge meal and drinks on and evening. As nice as that was for a week, we got a bored and decided to hire another moped, this time Lis would come with me and we head off a bit further afield. About half an hour away from here we found and animal sanctuary that take in injured stray cats and dogs that were looking for volunteers. So we signed up and started walking some of the dogs, Lis has been playing with the kittens and cleaning them out and making friends with all the cats in there! When we were there, they brought in a large cage with a sheet over the top of it with lots of vets peering into the cage with amazement. We both walked over the the cage and someone pulled off the sheet and there was frigin huge carpet python inside, and i mean HUGE it was about 5 inch diameter and god knows how long. Ok so i wont be going too close to that cage!! Alicia seems in heaven in this place so im sure we will back here again soon! Keep the messages coming guys, its great to here a response!

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14th December 2009

Happy days! I always wanted to do the moped traveling! Did it in Thailand but never in India. Keep us up to date, it's good to read. You got any pictures?
15th December 2009

lovs ya both
I howled with laughter when Russ looked inside that cage and there was a carpet python, that was so funny and the hairdresser getting the brunt of Alicias anger - poor guy. I have transferred some money Liss and a little extra for the sanctuary xxxx love from Mummy
22nd December 2009

oh my loves this sancutary sounds so cool and unlike india wow!!am so impressed and u look like ur loving those little animals they are so so little eekkkkk!!!STOP GETTING ON MOPEDS I DONT WANT A SQUISHED RUSSELL. also lis in the puppy love pic u look slightly demonic almost like u might eat the puppy?!?!? heehee hee

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