Katmandu airport - domestic terminal

October 5th 2009
Published: October 5th 2009
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I woke at 4.40 in the morning to pack and be ready to leave for the airport and be there before the crowds. I did all as planned, the crowds were there already but I managed to slip through the waiting line undetected, with a help of a local Nepali, a sneaky little rascal, also helped me get the ticket and airport taxes sorted out in minimal time. All this was futile! All flights toLukla were cancelled and those that left and built up the hope in silly tourists, returned to Katmandu with tourists on board. Their hopes coudl not have crashed harded if the plane landed without wheels ... he he ( this one cam out nicely - I think I have a git for writing .. .for the sarcasm section of the local bookstores).
I spent, lets see, from 7 until 15.30 in the termina. Had time to write a few postacrds - if zou didn't get one.. well I probably sent you one but it is slow and not very dependable. I met some nice people and helped to keep the spirots up of thiose who were getting anxiety attacts from the unexplained delays. It was very educational on the topic of survival in the 3rd world airports. I feel richer today.
Aroudn 16.00 I sorted out the refund of auirport tax and had teh cutest airport attendant promise me that tomorrow she will arrenge for me to be on the firt flight tio Lukla, before the weather turns nasty again (that was the reason for tioday's delays and cancelations). So my friends, I have an early curfew for I waker up at 4 am tomorrow and rush to see the cute Nepali girl with the hope she means what she says.
Btw. finding a hotel is a small challenge this week. I ended up staying in a great nepali only hotel in a totally non touristic area of town. Great for change of scenery. I was getting tired of the loud and proud tourists who in the slightest difficulty fold like a cheap suit (George - I hope you don't'mind me using yopur phrase). Will see what tomorrow brints.


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